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Hi everyone,

is it possible by any chance to communicate directly between the and global variables in GLBasic? I would like to be able to change the Android Back Button's behavior based on the state of a global variable in the GLBasic app, or even better be able to change the variable inside the Possible or not?

Thank you!
Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to figure out how to make my Android application pause when I use the back button or home button on my phone.

I tried to find some info on the forum, but without much success.

It is the same problem described by Ampus in this thread:

Now, is there a solution for this problem yet? What do I have to do in order to make my application PAUSE when i click the back button, and not QUIT?

I;m pretty sure the problem has been asked and will be asked again, so I guess a step-by-step instruction would be fantastic.

Hi all,

I just compiled a program that runs fine on Win for Mac OS X 10.6.8, but when I try to run it its only a black screen for a second and then the program closes. How can I get the program working? I have already tried to CHMOD the MacOSX executable, but it is still the same error. Help!
Hi all,

I am happy to announce that I just uploaded the alpha version of my very first game ever!  :booze:

Here's the link to the thread:

I hope you don't mind posting this in here!

Have a nice weekend - P.
Hi all,

it's been a while, but there's some good news: I just uploaded the alpha version of my very first game ever! Yes, ever! :booze:

Added skip level feature for faster gameplay + minor bug fixes (31.10.)

  • When only a few blocks are left you can skip the level by moving the paddle below the green arrows and holding the left mouse button for approx. 2 secs. But beware: skipping a level before all blocks are destroyed will significantly decrease your score!
  • Improved hiscore name entry

Fixed some minor bugs (29.10.)

  • Hiscore (local/online)
  • Player name
  • Minor ingame bugs



  • 32 levels (soundtrack changes every 8 levels)
  • 16 item types
  • 3 ball types (normal, sticky, on fire)
  • 99 blocks with different block types (explosive, teleport, multihit, switching etc.)
  • enemies that will fire back at you (starting from level 24)
  • mini endboss
  • score system that includes a timer, how many blocks each ball hits in a row, and how many balls you save through each level
  • online hiscore @ (currently only one entry, so you go ahead and fill it!)
  • tiny particle system
  • text scroller
  • encrypted game data
  • some really nice music from
  • pretty sure I forgot something

Playing Tipps

  • The more blocks your balls hit in a row, the higher the score for each block
  • You can score extra points for each ball in the game when you complete a level
  • Level 1: Try to get a large paddle, then keep all balls in the game = higher score
  • Level 2: Get the 's' item (small paddle) on the right side of the blocks; then get the 'missile' item; try shooting all blocks while the item is active = lots of timer points
  • Level 3: Try to shoot the ball(s) through a hole in the grey blocks so they can hit as many blocks in a row as possible = lots of points
  • Similar strategies apply to all levels!
  • Yes, the game seems pretty tough on first sight, but it is definitely beatable as soon as you get a feel for the behaviour of the balls and the location of the items. Don't give up after just 1-2 tries!
  • There are some hidden extra lives to be found in the higher levels. Sometimes not shooting blocks and not hitting explosive blocks might prove helpful.
  • Come on, guys, you can all do a lot better than level 4! ;)

Please let me know what you think and also feel free to report any bugs/errors and so on that you might experience while playing the game.

Last not least, thank you so much for all the support from this great community! Without the help of the people in here I would never ever have been able to get thisfar! So thank you all very, very much! Also a big thank you to Gernot and all his co-workers for providing a framework that made it possible for me to finally create my first computer game.


PS - Some people might not like to hear me using some well known music in this rather unspectacular game. Let's just think of it as a tribute to the composers. I forgot to provide the props and links to the files in the readme.txt but I will add them in the next version. Cheers!
Hi all,

I'm having a bit of a hard time with my hiscore function. Everything is working just fine - but one notorious problem is still waiting to be solved. The problem is that as soon as the player is asked to enter his/her name, the letters are "filled" automatically with the keys pressed withing the game loop. I use some functions in the game that need key input (such as checking the online status or showing the FPS), and I can't find a way to clear the keybuffer as soon as the EnterName() function is started. What can I do? Maybe there is a very simple solution I can't see right now...?

Best regards,
Hi all,

when I load a MOD-soundfile with Fmod_Load() while playing the game, the graphics lag for a few millisecs while the file is getting loaded. The code I use is pretty straightforward and supposed to switch between two files only.

Code (glbasic) Select
IF FMod_IsFinished() = TRUE
IF snd_current% = 0
snd_current% = 1
ELSEIF snd_current% = 1
snd_current% = 0

Now my question is: Is there a better way to load/play songs via Fmod, and how can I prevent the short lag while loading?

P.  :)
Hello, brief question - at some points in my game I am positioning text elements at the center of the screen according to the length of the string. Something like PRINT string$, screenwidth/2-LEN(string$, TRUE)/2, screenheight/2. The Problem is: it seems as if the string is printed before the relative position is determined, which sometimes leads to a very brief "flickering" of the text into position. Is this supposed to happen, or am I doing something wrong?
Hello everyone,

just wanted to know if anyone in here is succuessfully using programs like Molebox or Smartpacker or something the like? I tried, but I failed with every single program (Windows 7 / 64 Bit). I either got some weird Windows errors or the software seemd totally buggy or the output was somewhat damaged (i.e. slighlty wrong window size). So I am really wondering whether those virtualization programs are really worth trying - not to mention the false virus alerts that some of them can trigger! I am still really, really hoping for an INCBIN-command like in BlitzMax (seems to be one of the MOST crucial features for GLBasic to me!), but in the meantime I would still love to be able to make a single exe-file from my game folder(s). At least I would love to be able to protect my game resources. Tips anyone?

Thank you!  :)

PS - I think that Molebox would be the program of my choice, but no matter what I do, I always get an error message that says "Cannot run packed executable -Reason- failed to create child process", or when I manually open the exe-file "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect". Has anyone experienced the same problem and knows what I might change in order to get it to work?
Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a problem with my deltatime calculations / animations when moving the program window.

When I press the windows key and then move the program window, the animation stops; but when I release the mouse button and the animation resumes, there seem to be some major floating point inaccuracies which break an animation of scrolling letters (angle-based movement / SIN / COS / deltatime). I believe the problem arises from the difference between the time the game is paused and the calculation fo floating point variables when the game is resumed.

Now my question is: Is it possible to just completely stop/pause/interrupt the whole program as soon as the program window is moved / out of focus? AUTOPAUSE TRUE/FALSE works for the program being out of focus, but not for moving the window. How should I deal with those rounding errors? I had a very nice chat with Wampus on IRC yesterday, but we didn't really find a satisfying solution to the problem yet (and Wampus knows a lot more about programming than I do obviously). Maybe someone can help?

Thank you! :-)
Hi all,

I got two (well, ok, three) more questions which might be very easy to answer for most of you I guess...

1. How can I test if there is an internet connection and is that necessary when using the NETWEBGET command?

2. When I call a PHP-website to save to an online hiscore database, there seems to be a slight delay when jumping back into another game mode. Thereby, the animation that appears when you start the game gets slightly out of sync. What can I do to prevent that from happening?

As always: thank you very much!  :)
Ok, problem solved: I simply forgot to put a "/" in front of the folder...  :S Stupid me, but maybe someone else stumbles across the same problem someday.

Hello everybody,

I am very happy to tell you that I just bought a license for GLBasic (thank you Gernot for providing the code instantaneously!)  :good:

Now I wanted to experiment with the NETWEBGET command, especially with an online hiscore function for my breakout clone.

Problem ist: I just don't understand how to insert data into my MySql database via the GLBasic program. The database is all set up, and the php-files for saving and loading data are working as well (when i manually enter the URL into my browser the data gets saved in the database).

Now my question is: How can I save the hiscore data from within the GLBasic program? I tried it like that and it doesn't work:

Code (glbasic) Select
NETWEBGET("", "myFolder/myscript.php?game=MyGame&name=" + pl$ + "&score=" + score + "&level=" + level, 80, 99999)

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to use NETWEBEND instead? But then everyone would see the URL...?

Thank you!
Hi everyone,

please excuse my not so profound English,  but I thought I might want to put my questions on this international board - just in case someone else stumbles upon some related issues.

1) In my GLBasic SDK Editor the down-key doesn't work. Yeah, that's right, I can't move the cursor down manually without using my mouse. Anyone else having experienced the same problem? And maybe some advice on how to fix it?

2) In my breakout clone I would like to add an item that doubles the amount of balls in the game. My first thought was to just run a FOREACH loop through the list of balls and add a new element with the new variables for each list entry. This of course turned out to be totally non-functional, since the loop then runs ad infinitum. Now my idea is to do it like that: define a local list of virtual balls, run a FOREACH loop through the list of existing balls creating a new virtual ball for each element in the list, and then insert the newly created elements into the existing list of balls. Now for for my question: Might there be a more elegant way of doing this? My solution seems functional to me, but maybe there is a more simple solution...

Thank you!  :)


stehe gerade ein bisschen auf dem Schlauch, vielleicht kann mir ja jemand weiterhelfen? Wäre echt nett!

Ich will zufallsbasiert ein Datapaket in einen Array einlesen. Trivial könnte man das so lösen:

Code (glbasic) Select

LOCAL x,y,a,b
a = RND(3)
RESTORE level1
RESTORE level2
RESTORE level3
RESTORE level4

FOR y = 0 TO 9
FOR x = 0 TO 15
blocks[x][y] = b

Das ist wohl funktional, aber natürlich ziemlich albern, weil ja eigentlich niemand 64+ Level in eine solche Weiche hacken möchte. Wie aber kann ich das anders lösen? Wäre es möglich, irgendwie die Variable mit dem Namen des Datapakets zu kombinieren? Und dann z.B. per Restore a$ oder so abzurufen, wenn a$ = "level"+a?

Ich hoffe, ich drücke mich halbwegs klar aus :)

Gruß, P.
Hallo zusammen,

ich bin neu hier im Forum und erst vor Kurzem über GLBasic gestolpert. Ich komme auch sehr gut mit allem zurecht, habe allerdings noch ein paar Fragen zur Shoebox-Funktion.

1) Die Schuhschachtel kann nur Medien wie Bilder, Musik usw. beinhalten, oder? Reicht hierfür eine einzelne Box, oder müssen zwingend zwei Stück verwendet werden?

2) Ist es möglich, z.B. eine ini-Datei in die Schachtel zu packen und weiterhin wie eine externe Datei zu behandeln (z.B. zum Lesen/Schreiben einer Hiscore)?

3) Können dlls mit in die Schachtel gepackt werden, zum Beispiel die fmod.dll?

4) Falls das alles nicht funktionieren sollte: Wird es evtl. demnächst eine Art "incbin"-Funktion geben (vgl. Blitzmax), mit der man Dateien gleich mit in die Exe-Datei packen kann? Ich halte das schon für eine sehr wichtige Funktion, da eine einzelne Datei bei geringem Programmumfang einfach Standard ist, und würde GLBasic auch von jetzt auf gleich käuflich erwerben, wenn dieses Feature implementiert wäre oder vielleicht eine entsprechende Alternative existiert.

Vielen Dank und beste Grüße!

PS - Der Verifizierungscode ist echt eine Zumutung, da muss man ja mindestens 7x hinschauen, um die einzelnen Buchstaben zu erraten ;)