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Hi guys ...
Becouse I'm learn a lot from you, and programming it's my new hobby, I want to thank you all for all answers, tutorials and code snippets that's i found on this forum, and i want to share with you with my old version of platformer game (actually its v3). It's unfinished but there are few features maybe it's will by usefull for somebody somehow ...

regards :)

ps all graphics are from internet

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glbasic roxx !!!


Wow, nice! You should finish it, it's already a lot of fun to mess around with!  :)


"It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC.  As potential programmers, they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration."
(E. W. Dijkstra)


Thx ...

actually im rewritting all 3rd time ;)

glbasic roxx !!!


This game it's very nice... please search an artist and do a  commercial game it's really funny, or another way it's buy some library of sprites and try to adjust if you don´t like them... but the game it's very very nice :-*


Engine goes on smooth, specially the main char control,  that is the most important point! :good:
For Gfx best look for artists ;/, or you can try this out:

Keep it up and going! ;)


Hi guys thanks for recharge my batteries im very happy you like it ... im working on it in ma free time ... like i said im working on 3rd version of this code its mostly working the same but its made better i think ...

glbasic roxx !!!