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Better dealing with FATAL ERRORS issues.

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When there is a FATAL ERROR issues, which is so insanly hard to debug, near impossible to debug.

Here me thinks when that happens, when clicking on the line on the output, its should show the line where its happens in the gbas file and NOT in the c++ file. Im can see there is marked which lines and which gbas in the top of it. Why can IDE not checking those, so FATAL ERRORS easier could been debugged.

Those is too often happens when using functions and variables in types and a variable there cant been found. Those is newer catched in the IDE.

PS. This is NOT a glbasic bug, but more a request feature.

I know what you mean.  You have to decipher the C++ code to try and get an idea where it coincides in your GLBasic code.
I think maybe the problem is that it's the C++ compiler giving the error, and it would be difficult to reverse determine the same GLBasic location?

Gernot could store markers in the C++ source that kinda points to a specific location in the GLBasic source code.
Either in a comment (to be parsed later), or a new C++ variable.  You would need to store which file, and which line number.

Sorry, I reread your post.  A marker is already included in the C++ file?  Then he's half way there!

Yes there is allready marker in the c++ code. But of course its should only been happens if its could fine a marker, or klik on the marker code. But if the issue is in IMPORT code, there is nothing that can been done of course.

Property this can first been happens after the FATAL OUTPUT have been finished, but then its could been in a list after that.

But again this is a request, not a bug.

Kitty Hello:
Post these errors. I need to fix the precompiler.

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all bugs was ok and fixed, but was not catch with glbasic precompiler.

All Precompiler should do, when FATAL ERRORS happens, then its should point to the line glbasic code was, if its was marked near a line in the c++ code.

Most Fatal Errors happens when using a variable on a type that dosent exists. Those is not catch by precompiler. This is normally when creating objects.


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