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Support for 'Spine' or 'Spriter' and associated animation??

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Spine creates *.mov *.avi and picturefiles like png, jpeg -> ->Animationsprites<-<-

How about BONES in 2D?
I think it's not a realy big problem?!

Just for reference, here is an old thread about this subject.

Things might have changed nowadays.

I think with GLbasic it's really easy do a program like this , the only neede it's time...
Basically we have an example can be use for this.. appears something like a dragon or somelse, but whit polyvector and texturing, you can do more excinting things like this program...
This it's a Basic but this can do anything, and if you have skills with C++ the powerfull it's multiplied x10 or more.

Later today i start a project, i think i call it "2D-Bones", based on the idea of Spriter/Spine!


Can i use the GUI right now?
Can you send me pls the newest version of GLB?

thats very cool  :D 8)


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