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iPhone Touch demo and howto compile

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No problem!

Hi folks,

I downloaded the demo of GLBasic as I am interest in developing for the iphone. Is the demo not able to compile for the iphone?

If it is not a released feature, can you estimate when it will be available? And will GlBasic support the iphones accelerators too?

If the demo is V6, then it wont - you need to try the V7 RC2 version - available from the Shoutbox


--- Quote from: MikeHart on 2009-Aug-08 --- And will GlBasic support the iphones accelerators too?

--- End quote ---

Yes it will support accelerators.  I think it treats them as joystick inputs.  If I get time I will try and make a demo of this as well.

Nice video Uncle.

Accelo is a joystick in glbasic. Tryout joystick commands and dont forget to normalize for smoothly function

you like iPhone?
try things and let us know if its working or not and what must be added to glbasic. (not GPS, its working but hidden yet)


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