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Purchased Steam GLB HTML5 DLC.


I bought a few titles this year during summer sale, as I don't have time to ues GLBasic for about 2 years, I decide to buy the HTML5 compiler DLC, just for support Gernot.

I really hope the fully Unicode/UTF8 support in runtime and IDE happens, but it didn't, that may need a complete rewrite anyway, so I have to use other tools currently.

Kitty Hello:
Did you see the utf8 library?
For the print command, utf8 support is almist impossible and would slow it down. What would the LEN command return.


As my former boss is a Japanese, so I have to make games in Japanese, I remember I've came up a function of using bitmap font to display Japanese, and the IDE itself does show correct font when using correct font, but I stuck when we have to make multi language translation, because the IDE can't load/save the unicode when I tried it. So I rewrite game with similar logic in Love2D instead.

But I've start doing the side project now, I can use whatever I want, GLBasic is still a nice choice, since compile to webassembly is a nice addition to me.

Kitty Hello:
Oh. The IDE is using UTF-8. Maybe the strings won't get it right. I'll have a look.


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