Issues with mouse functions on Windows 8.1

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Interesting thing, GetMouseCount() on my Win 8.1 laptop returns number 32, and I have only mouse connected, and one visible in sys device inspector (of course beside touchpad), no touch screen.
Is that normal in systems newer from Win 7/Vista? (as in XP/7 GetMouseCount() returns proper value) I know that Win 8 has many touch features but I would rather expect that additional mouse devices would be visible in GLB only when touch screen (if available) would receive some actions.
When using 'SystemPointer True', MouseAxis(2) -> mouse wheel info, isn't working, it's always = 0, beside that mouse functions are working ok.
But if I use SystemPointer False, then strange thing starts: mouse device 0 (SetActiveMouse 0) is that 'normal' mouse connected to pc, but mouse 1 also looks like active mouse, its X & Y position coords differs from mouse 0 only a little bit, and when physical mouse buttons are pressed both in-GLB mouse 0 & mouse 1 receive those 'clicks'.
Can someone check how it's looking on Win 10? Is this some kind of bug or rather new OS feature? :D It isn't big deal as for desktops there is no need to check additional mouse devices.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020