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What would be useful is the ability to select a clipping area, so that anything outside this area isn't displayed.  This is somewhat different to viewports as a clipping area doesn't modify the current origin of graphics.

Ian Price:
You can do this with POLYVECTOR. OK, it' not as easy as selecting a rect (or other shaped) area, but it's not that much harder.

VIEWPORT cant been used. Yes its does move x/y to its top corner on that VIEWPORT, but you can easy calculcate that.

Indeed, VIEWPORTS cant always be used as multiple overlapping viewports arent always allowed (OpenGL is very weird about that, although DirectX can be fine with it)

On a Tilemap?

You can draw a 1.000.000 tiles map with a simpl trick:
(btw. Old Code)


simply draw things on the Screen not the outside one!


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