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Huge library sounds from nasa, and free to use (the news saids)

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Hi guys really I don't know how quality it's the library or where find it, I only read the title but I thinks it's interesting... they sais it's  free to use...

I think good samplers have to be into this lib.

Sounds nice!
Seems to be free to use as I read it, just do the normal mentioning.
Great find Mental! :good:

Thanks for your time erico, all this things appears in Facebook... Perhaps for somegames or effects can be interesting, I have to download and take a look...

Space sounds? Must be a lie, because "In space, no one can hear you scream." lol

Sure shot, I recently re-watched starwars (the first 2) with mute sound when on space, and I tell you, it was such a better experience! :D :D :D


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