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Is there a way to share our IDE appearance own themes -fonts and colors? So we could see what others do to make life easier to read on the screen. It's about the user's experience. Please suggest something.

Yes you can share the pref file, I think it's a simple txt, if you take a look in the prefs commands, you can find a path for save the colors ans such things about your IDE, take this file and send to you friend.

If you wanna say something like Eclipse or Codeblocks, where you can see a previous of your preferences, I think no...

Hi, GLB saves IDE Colors in the Registrie.

Open Regedit,
go to the path "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Dream_Design\GLBasic\Colors"
Right klick on Colors and Export registriekey.
This reg file can you share.

My IDE Color:

My Reg file:

I like your conventional style, D2O. Mine looks like this at the moment. Thank you for the reg tips.
(how did you do it? I am not allowed to upload the reg file.)

Hi sf-in-sf,

whereas upload?
in the Forum?
I uploaded it to me on your own webspace.
You can send mail as me the reg.
I invite them up for me.

Here the link to sf-in-sf IDE style:

Click right and save as...


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