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Quote from: MrTAToad on 2014-Jun-17
Thats right - most of the file commands dont.

And now? This is the "solution"? It would have been the last step to finish my iPhone game, and create my level packs. Great.
I can only hope that Gernot knows about this bug, and he will fix it soon. I don't know of any other solution to pack different kind of files into one.

test.sbx contains a file: test.txt
test.txt contains 20 lines of text

Code (glbasic) Select

SETSHOEBOX "test.sbx",""

GETFILE "test.txt", 0, a$
PRINT a$,0,200
//correctly displays line 0 of test.txt

GETFILE "test.txt", 1, a$
PRINT a$,0,250
//displays: "NO_DATA"

The above code works when I don't use shoebox.
Off Topic / Re: ON again!!
I have lost a LOT... :( You guys replied to my questions several times, and I just wanted to retrieve one of them, but everything is lost...