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Thanks Gernot! Probably it's worth rewriting my font engine in my upcoming game.
Nothing about the new internet update 15.238? What's new, what changed?
The current version in the top right corner is still 15.089.
Quote from: MrPlow on 2018-Mar-14
I usually add a BREAK out of the FOR loop if the count (i) goes above the number of touches I want.

IF i>4 then BREAK

Then why don't use user FOR i=0 to 4? :-D
I intentionally left my developer string in the source code I sent you in the PM.
Of couse I'll send you the google account credentials too, if you need them for testing. (The uploaded APK currently only runs the inapp test code I sent you, the game doesn't work now).

Thank you!
It's very kind of you, I'll PM it asap.
No, still not everything OK. When I make a successful purchase, there's no such variable that indicated the successful purchase.

InAppPurchase_isAvailable returns the same code than before the purchase.
InAppPurchase_Activate returns 0.
INAPP_PURCHASE$ returns the same code than before the purchase.
INAPP_PURCHASES$ returns the same empty string than before the purchase.
JavaCall$("Shop:Activated") returns the same ("request:") than before the purchase.
INAPP_ACTIVATE$ returns the same string (sku) than before the purchase.

How can I check that the payment was successful?
I had to replace all occurences of "" with "" in to make it work. Now it works...
Of course everything is set correctly, I said the purchasing works, but I cannot query the price.
In fact I modified the inapp_functions.gbas, but now I restored the original one, and the price is now: "Exception calling method".
So it still doesn't work.
InAppPurchase_isAvailable returns always the same code either if I the item is already purchased, or it's a never-purchased new product. I even tried to comment out the hashing-mechanism in InAppPurchase_isAvailable, to return the result of "JavaCall$("Shop:isAvailable:"+iID$+":"+INAPP_DEVKEY)" directly, but that value is always 0. Why?

Moreover, InAppPurchase_Price$ always returns "unknown". When I press purchase, the Google window appears, and shows the correct price, but GLBasic doesn't... Why?

Thank you guys, I think I understand you wrote.
2 more questions: how can I check which products are available to purchase, and which products I already own?
Thanks, but everything already works, I can purchase my products, but I don't know how to check the token that Google sends back.
Thank you spacefractal, I see what you mean, and I'll think about it.

Can you just help me in one thing: where and how can I check the token Google sends back when I made a purchase?

Thank you!
In the meantime I figured out that we somehow have to insert a function into "" similar to this:

return something.consumePurchase(3, something.getProductName(), ""+tokens[3]);

Then I could call it by success$=JavaCall$("Shop:Consume:"+sku$)

But I don't know the Java syntax, and what module to include for this to work :(
My mistake... I concatenated 5 lines, and in the 5th line there was a syntax error, but the Editor located the cursor to the first line, and I (of course) did not find any errors in that line.
So it works, thanks.

I know that Managed products are supported by AndroidExtras. I'd like to implement "consuming" a product, e.g. when a user purchased extra lives, then I want to allow him to purchase it again by "consuming" the previous item, and let Google know that this item can be purchased again by that user.
Does anybody know how to do this?
Here is Google's documentation about it:, but I don't know how to code it in GLBasic.

Thank you!