Are there any tutorials on making a 2D side-scroller?

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Yodaman Jer

Hi everyone,

I never actually learned how to make 2D games.  :-[

I started programming in 2007 and immediately dived in to making 3D games and never bothered with learning how to make 2D games, particularly sidescrollers similar to Mario.  Can anyone tell me if there's any tutorials on making a sidescroller anywhere, for GLBasic? I've seen PeeJay's tutorial and it's helped some, but not with side-scrolling...

I also don't know how to make a map editor for 2D stuff (3D yes), but that's something I'll save for later! Right now, I'm more concerned with making my game sprites actually move across the screen.
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Ian Price

2D sidescrollers can be surprisingly tricky to get right. There's actually an awful lot going on - forget about the scrolling, it's the collision with the 2D world that's the hard part - even harder if some of that world moves (e.g moving platforms). However, there are examples here on the forum. IIRC MrTaToad did a series of platform game tutorials a long while back. There are other examples out there too (I'm at work or I'd find them for you). Just use the SEARCH.

Map editors really are easy - with just a little thought and a lot of motivation you can knock out a map editor in 20 minutes (excluding drawing tiles). Also you don't have to create your own - you can use Mappy, which exports a level map which can be used with GLB (there is code for this on the forums too).
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Yodaman Jer

Thanks Nathan, that looks like it will help me a lot!  :good:
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