Has anyone made a 3D level editor with GLB?

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Yodaman Jer

One of my biggest, incomplete projects to date (I've been working on the idea since 2009) thrives off of the integration of a built-in level editor to allow the player to build their own worlds, thus hopefully increasing the replay value.

I was just wondering if anyone here has made a 3D level editor with GLB? I've made plenty of them in DarkBASIC. I'm going to try to do it with GLB once I have the full version, and I'm excited because I think I could build my own custom meshes in the editor thanks to the "add vertex" commands. Has anyone done that before? I think it would be great for level editors!

If you have made a 3D level editor, can you post a screen shot or two and tell me how you did things? I've always loved level editors and they're always fun to code, especially in a new language! I'm going to try and make a 2D one later this week, I'll post back when I've got it running. It will be my first GLB program!  :good:
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Kitty Hello

a veeeeery old project of mine:
has a 3D level editor (it uses pre-build 3D objects you can place and move along a path).
The code is horrible!!! Don't even dare opening it. It came from a version of GLB with no integers, no types, no nothing.


Ahhh - those were the days  :D

GLBasic has come a very long way...  What is odd though is that generally Google finds occurances of GLBasic 3 demo, rather than the latest version... :(

Yodaman Jer

I've actually downloaded Wumbo3D and it looked pretty dang cool. It's one of the demos that helped me decide to get GLB. :)

How in the world did you do it without types and integers?! That would make my face morph into something like this if I even attempted it:  :S
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Kitty Hello

It wasn't hard. I had global arrays for everything. The only problem is, that I coded it quickly and had all varaibles and use in mind. Changing something now might require some investigations...