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Manu Segura

Hello all,

After having a look to the program, it look like a great job and shows great potential.

IMHO, it would be a killer and great successful program if it is capable to compile to the iPhone platform, and some little cosmetic changes, to make it a little more easy looking.

Think about it, with enough upgrades you could sell it and do some good money... I would buy it and I am sure I would not be the only one for sure. Would be really successful and you have almost all the job done.

Any chances that my dreams will come true? :)

Kind regards!

Kitty Hello

Yes, I had that thought, too. And I started adapting it for the iPad. I think iPhone is not really an option because of the limited size and no buttons.
The idea would be to create games on iPad and be able to play them even on a PC/Mac then.

Manu Segura

Hi Gernot,

What i was really wanted to say is to create games on the PC, to play on iPhone. Not really to run the editor on an iPhone.  Let's say, to add iPhone as a "compilable" platform.

There are some successful shooters for the iPhone that use no buttons. Others use also buttons, but I don't like the idea of hiding a big part of the screen under my fingers.

But I love the feeling of controlling the ships with the accelerometer, some of them have nice soft and satisfying movement and an autofire option would resolve the lasting issue. (did you saw Super Laser, for example?)

Also, the iPhone would have a bigger customer scope!

Please, don't left us (and you :P) iPhone users without that piece of the cake ;)

There is always solutions...


Kitty Hello

Autofire sounds interesting. But then only a SEUCK player - not the editor.

Manu Segura

Maybe you can modify SEUCK to produce an .app file we could submit to Apple as a whole game? (after Xcode compiling, and all that, I know). Just what GLBasic does.

That was what I was meaning.

The world needs an iPhone Game Creator for us graphic artists but not programmers...

Because I presume you were talking about an app able to run SEUCK games? Not SEUCK producing standalone games? I am correct?


Kitty Hello

I'm not sure if that would be legal.

Manu Segura

Why it should be less legal than writing it completely from scratch with GLBasic?

You would be just using a different, easier tool to produce the game, but with the same result.

Maybe there is anything I am not aware of, but it should be exactly as legal or illegal (btw, why?) than the program GLBasic produces is.

Besides, I don't think you have to demonstrate which program did you used to write your app. That would not make much sense...

Kitty Hello

Oh .. my ..

I just fixed some things here and there to get an iPad port (mainly fixed button sizes, layout and some speed tweaks).
THIS SO MUCH ROCKS!!! I'll have to upload an video, soon.

Manu Segura

That's excellent news! Good job.

BTW, did you thought anything about the iPhone issue we talked before?

I'm waiting for an answer, considering I don't have the time (and  the knowledge) to program a real game from scratch, it's my only chance to make a game...

Even if your answer is "no", I would like to free my mind :-)

Thanks in advance, and hope we can see that video soon!

Will we be able to import graphics in any form?

Ian Price

Is it done yet?* ;) :P

* Very old RetroRemakes in-joke.
I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

LOL. I don't think that importing an image is possible on iPad. It's not necessary, I think though.

I think it's the best to scale tha game x2 when running so you can use smaller sprites when drawing. Maybe I implement some hq2x scalings.

Making a standalone game would be possible. I could provide the full (GLBasic) source to the SEUCK player and you'd just had to swap the mygame.seuck file. I have no idea how to export the file, though. Per email?

I also thought about making a sort of online-shop for seuck games, that can be loaded on iPhone. That way you can download them, but how to pay? A paypal-donate button? I don't think Apple will rejoice.

Manu Segura

Just a quick idea, what about an "export mygame.seuck file" to the actual PC version of SEUCK and an import function of that .seuck file on GLBasic 8?

That would be doable?

Kitty Hello

Well, the problem is: How to copy the file from iPad to a PC.

Manu Segura

I was talking about the Windows version of SEUCK.

Anyway, there are programs able to share files between an iPhone and a pc (mycomics?).

Would the file too big to send by mail?


user your webserver code and create a simple download page reachable over the iphad ip.
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