SEUCK next step: iPhone?

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Manu Segura

If that works in both directions would be useful.

But are you going to limit the creative process only to iPad users?

Kitty Hello

No, surely not. But I'll make the iPad version something ... well... special. I have to change the sound things, though, because I can't read microphone, yet. I think a synthesizer a'la SFXR would be cool - plus, it would not require an additional file as the WAV files so far do.

Manu Segura

Ok, then I'll let you work and patiently wait for the results... It looks promising :) I know it's not done yet LOL

Another idea btw, if you're able to, would be to buy games from inside the app, as if it is an extra, with seuck being some kind of games portal. Looks like a good idea?

Greetings from Spain and keep up the good work! (and keep us informed :P)

Manu Segura

By the way, another question...

Do you think the next SEUCK Windows version (with export or whatever) you will do, will be compatible with the current one?

In other words, can I already start with the game without having to throw away the work when the new program arrives?

SFXR... I love that tool :)

Kitty Hello

Yes, I won't touch the file format. I might extend it but then the new version can import old files.