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Symbian is VERY popular over in other parts of the world that aren't the US, according to an article I read the other day. It's a shame it's not more popular over here, as it looks like a pretty decent mobile OS. :)

Never messed with Bada...
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Dec-23
do you want that code linked with your GP2X Wiz game all the time? I don't. Why do people so dislike libraries?

I don't dislike libraries, I just thought having some commands like DarkBASIC has, for example, "Make Object Sphere", would be easier for new users to use and understand, and as they progressed along they could learn how to manually build them with code. :)
Hmm, I'll have to check that out!

Still, the user would have to include that file and then learn the parameters for each function, as opposed to just memorizing a list of commands. Wouldn't it just be easier to make a list of default 3D object commands, so that the user wouldn't have to include a functions file and learn multiple parameters?

Hey Gernot,

I've been playing with GLB for a bit now and I was just wondering how hard it would be to create a set of commands that create 3D objects?

What I mean is, rather than the user developing their own functions for  creating spheres, cubes, torus' etc., they could simply type in...

Code (glbasic) Select
//Create a sphere
CreateSphere(objNum, objSize)

Instead of...
Code (glbasic) Select
FUNCTION CreateSphere: num, r, n, col
LOCAL i,j, theta1, theta2, theta3, pi
pi = ACOS(0)*2
IF r < 0 THEN r = -r
IF n < 4 THEN n = 4

X_AUTONORMALS 2 // smooth edges
FOR j=0 TO INTEGER(n/2) -1
theta1 = j * 2*pi / n - pi/2;
theta2 = (j + 1) * 2*pi / n - pi/2;
FOR i=0 TO n
theta3 = i * 2*pi / n;
X_OBJADDVERTEX r*COS(theta2) * COS(theta3), r*SIN(theta2), _
r*COS(theta2) * SIN(theta3), i/n, 2*(j+1)/n, col
X_OBJADDVERTEX r*COS(theta1) * COS(theta3), r*SIN(theta1), _
r*COS(theta1) * SIN(theta3), i/n, 2*j/n, col

And then calling...
Code (glbasic) Select
CreateSphere(sphere, 18, 12, RGB(255,255,255))

It's just something that seems a little more user-friendly for beginners, especially those who don't understand geometry all that well (like me!). :P

The best part could be that the user could still manually create the objects via code instead of the compiler auto-generating it through one command, allowing for more advanced users more options.

What do other, more seasoned users of GLBasic think?
Apparently I'm not the only one who hates Windows' new UI.

That only means Windows 9 will again, look entirely different, that is if Microsoft listens to the feedback from everyone. :P

Anyway, back on subject, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get the 4 inch version of this. It has a better screen and virtually same features, albeit a slightly shorter battery life and no camera flash. I'm not gonna be using the camera that much though. :P
I looked into Windows phones and honestly, I HATE the look Microsoft's been going for as of late. What's with the flat, square buttons and thin-but-huge typeface they've been using?

I think it started with the Zune. Not sure why they want to model the UI after something that failed. :P
I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE Samsung. Every phone I've ever owned by them has been virtually indestructible. Sadly, I've never owned one of their smartphones (I have the LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile, a rather poor phone on a poor carrier!), but I hear they got a pretty powerful one coming out soon with ICS... :P
@Nathan: Yup, it's basically the first Android music player to compete with the iPod touch, although there are a couple floating around. Just not nearly as powerful as this one!

@Ocean: You are correct, it's WiFi only. No 3G/4G or anything like that. But that means battery life is kept up since you can't accidentally turn on Mobile Data. :P
I would definitely buy one with that cover! I'd personally like a hardcover book as opposed to softcover because it seems I always tear softcover notebooks up. Hardcover ones stay in better shape.
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted here, and unfortunately I still have not purchased GLBasic. However, the discovery of the Samsung Galaxy Player has gotten my interest up again!

It has a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory, with the ability to add a 32GB microSD card for even more storage. And here's the real kicker; it's got a 5" screen! Sure, it's not the most powerful device, but it looks like just the portable media player I've been shopping for, and it looks like a decent thing to start developing Android apps and games with. :D

Has anyone here even heard of this thing? Apparently it's been out since October but I have NEVER heard of it, nor have I seen one in any stores. Then again, it looks almost exactly like the Galaxy phones, so maybe my brain just skimmed over it? :P

What do you guys think about using it for app development?
QuoteMy current linux flavour is Ubuntu, and I wasn't aware that there's a GLBasic IDE for Linux?

I don't believe there is, I just wondered if you had somehow managed to get it to work with WINE or something. :P
Now this looks like my type of platformer!

The details look great! It looks fun to play. :)

Will be watching this thread very carefully...are you going to release a demo of it any time soon?  ;)

Also I see it looks as though you're developing it in Fedora...? Or is that just a GLB program running in it and not the actual IDE?
Quote from: Qube on 2011-Oct-23
It will eventually be available also for iPhone,  Android tablet & phone, Windows and OS X :good:

The minute this is available for Windows/Mac OS X, I'm buying it.  :good: How much are you going to charge for it, d'ya think?

I'm figuratively drooling over the screen shots...
That looks amazing!

I really wish I had an iPad...
Off Topic / Re: REVIEW C64
Haha, this is fun to watch. :D

I enjoy watching old videos of old computers. "This thing's got 64KB of memory, that's enough for most programs!".

Thanks for posting!