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Maybe you can modify SEUCK to produce an .app file we could submit to Apple as a whole game? (after Xcode compiling, and all that, I know). Just what GLBasic does.

That was what I was meaning.

The world needs an iPhone Game Creator for us graphic artists but not programmers...

Because I presume you were talking about an app able to run SEUCK games? Not SEUCK producing standalone games? I am correct?

Hi Gernot,

What i was really wanted to say is to create games on the PC, to play on iPhone. Not really to run the editor on an iPhone.  Let's say, to add iPhone as a "compilable" platform.

There are some successful shooters for the iPhone that use no buttons. Others use also buttons, but I don't like the idea of hiding a big part of the screen under my fingers.

But I love the feeling of controlling the ships with the accelerometer, some of them have nice soft and satisfying movement and an autofire option would resolve the lasting issue. (did you saw Super Laser, for example?)

Also, the iPhone would have a bigger customer scope!

Please, don't left us (and you :P) iPhone users without that piece of the cake ;)

There is always solutions...

Hello all,

After having a look to the program, it look like a great job and shows great potential.

IMHO, it would be a killer and great successful program if it is capable to compile to the iPhone platform, and some little cosmetic changes, to make it a little more easy looking.

Think about it, with enough upgrades you could sell it and do some good money... I would buy it and I am sure I would not be the only one for sure. Would be really successful and you have almost all the job done.

Any chances that my dreams will come true? :)

Kind regards!
Hello again,

I am trying to adapt the engine to a 480x320 resolution (your guess is right: iPhone resolution) but I am "still" not an expert, so I would like to have some advice on what should I take in consideration while doing this.

I am starting with the tile editor, being more or less successful with adapting the resolution but the tiles are not being transported properly in the destination position.

More questions are: how can I use source png tiles bigger than 256 tiles?

Also, a event file handling more than 256 events would be great. My plans are to have big action there :)

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

Greetings from Spain ;)
Thanks Steinbock, will try this later on.

BTW, you're closer than you think from a complete "Horizontal Shooter Construction Kit" LOL

That would be great, thanks Steinbock.
Hello all,

Amongst other doubts I have with the tutorial, the most important one that comes to my mind right now is:

Can anyone explain me how the .evt file works, how should I edit it to make things happen in the level?

Thanks in advance for the help!
Quote from: ampos on 2010-Jul-28
Quote from: bigsofty on 2010-Jul-28
I could not find an efficient, worry free method of doing this and believe me, I tried!  :P

Are you telling me I should get a MacOS? I though it was as easy as finding here some Mac user, sent him the xcode and to get back a "exe" for iphone...

I really have not anything now, I just find GLBasic last week, but I dont want to start programming and/or buying GLB if I can not find a way of getting exe/ipas for iPhone...

Anyway, would you release an iPhone app without testing it on a real iPhone?

Performance, controls, etc... Looks too risky.

Good luck with your project!
GLBasic - en / Re: Piracy
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2010-Jul-28
Quote from: FutureCow on 2010-Jul-28
Gernots code checks whether a phone has been jailbroken - NOT whether the application has been pirated. My understanding is that just because you have a jailbroken phone, doesn't mean every app on the phone is a pirate copy. If this is the case then
* you can't use Gernot's code to verify whether the person is using a pirated copy of your app
* all you can verify with it is that the phone they're using has been jailbroken.
* Printing a "You are a pirate!" message when detecting a jailbroken phone might upset people who have bought your application but are using it on a jailbroken phone for reasons of their own.

My code checks the signage of the program. People who pirate the app will have to change that in order to run it on a jailbreak iPhone. So, the legal App does run on an Jailbreak iPhone. But the pirated app does not.

That's great news. Good job.

But the question that comes to my mind is...

Why all developers ( I mean, not only glbasic ones) are not using this feature?

Or maybe they will?

Looks like all of them have to switch to glbasic LOL

GLBasic - en / Re: Piracy
Hi there,

I am starting to learn how to program in GLBasic, my objective is to create a shooter with the iPhone as the target platform.

So, I'm concerned about piracy and would like to know if the function you were talking about is finally working or not.

There is any news?

Kind regards to everyone!!!

And wish me luck LOL