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Hi Guys,
How do i get the returned data from Android.getVKText$()

    I have tried various things but cant trap the output.The program just seems to run onto the next commands and doesn't wait for the done button.

Code (glbasic) Select

STDOUT "doing"
// STDOUT Android.getVKText$()
UNTIL h$=CHR$(13)
STDOUT "gone past"


im have no clue this feature is still works, one of the feature which was not created by me.

you should uses _logview.bat with a working ADB driver to get the log, which is there STDOUT is sent to.

Im do thinks its might have sent a PAUSE event as well. Im do not sure. Im have personly newer used this one, so im need to test this one out. Its was one of the very first Android Extras feature. Its might have broken, so im need to take a look.

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I have been using log view which is how I can tell after the keyboardpops up it's dropping straight through to the next are people using the android keyboard then?