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GLBasic - en / YSort
Hi all,

I've recently pickup up my OpenPandora again and yeah, everytime I have this device in my hands I want to code for it.

I had some ideas what to do... for now I can load Csv-Tilemaps, my character is animated, scrolling through the map and,
and this was a hard part, Ysort of sprites does work.

I don't know how you this or if there's a better way.

Basically I have 2 arrays, 1 of the sprite type and 1 to store the indizes of the sprite array.... because I can't have a pointer to the sprite object in the array (correct my if I'm wrong)

So yeah, here is a small video:
really nice idea!

BTW: I'm german and the game description in android store is gibberish ;) auto-translate by google i guess?


just downloaded and tested your Editor, very nice! But i got some errors at compiling

Code (glbasic) Select

/mingw/lib/crt2.o:(.text+0x1a5): undefined reference to `___dyn_tls_init_callback'
/mingw/lib/crt2.o:(.text+0x1e3): undefined reference to `__setargv'
Some error occured durring compiling... code:  1

I've tried an existing project, wich compiles fine under GLB14 and a new created one with your IDE. Both the same result. is copied. IDE runs with admin rights. Is there anything that i've overlooked?
you have to declare data$ as global. You can switch this in the options off but i don't recommend this.

Code (glbasic) Select

GLOBAL data$=NETWEBGET$("","/rates/connect.html?f=html&c=AUD/USD",80,512,5000)

The last ENDIF is wrong.
Keep it up! Very nice!

Try to turn off your virusscanner.
Just tested it.
I'm using a laptop (1366x768) +  monitor (1920x1080) in expanded mode.

This Code will work fine (GLB14.106 with and without debug)

Code (glbasic) Select


But when i choose some other, unusual resolution like

Code (glbasic) Select


the program try to establish the fullscreen, monitor(graphicscard) says no. Windows exclamation beep. Switched to Windowed mode.
Maybe there are other circumstances which lead to this behavior.

Hey folks,

maybe you're trying to set a resolution your monitor is not able to. Does it start in windowed mode although you set it to fullscreen? Then check your resolution-settings.

Hello guys,
after long time not working with GLBasic, i just wanted to try the new version. Downloaded and installed it besides older GLBasic versions, of course in an extra folder. Now i can't even start the editor.

"On the specified device, or the path, or file can not be accessed. You may not have sufficient permissions to access the element." (google translate)

I've checked the permissions and there were no problems. V11 and V12 starts the editor, but there are now errors after the linking process. The App does'nt start. If i want to start my program the same error as above is shown.


Avast Anti-Virus Software blocked the GLBasic-program. It is working fine! Sorry for inconvenience!
Ich arbeite derzeit an diesem Projekt. Es hat sich aber herausgestellt das einige Sachen nicht ganz so einfach zu lösen sind, deswegen wird es wohl noch ein mittellanger Prozess daraus werden.
Ich werde mich diesbezüglich wieder melden wenn es signifikante Fortschritte gibt.

I am currently working on this project. However, it has been found that some things are not quite so easy to solve, so it will probably be a medium-long process.
I will report in this regard again if there's significant progress.
Haha, hab mich schon gefragt wann so ein troll kommt!

Ich finde GLBasic für 2D, Net auch gut und effektiv... 3D hab ich mir jetzt noch nicht angeschaut, aber ich denke, wenn man eine Programmiersprache für sich auswählt dann fängt man sowieso an sich seine eigene Funktionssammlung zu erstellen, wäre ja langweilig wenns alles schon gäben täte.

Nochwas, das Crossplatform Konzept ist hervorragend.Ich kenne keine andere Sprache die mit so wenig zutun auf verschiedene Platformen kompilieren kann!

Edit: typos
Das mit den mp3 kann ivh dir grad nicht sagen...

Große Projekte auf mehrere Quelldateien aufteilen, GLBasic compiliert dann die geänderten Dateien neu den rest braucht es ja nicht nochmal zu übersetzen
Mach einfach eine Liste von Strings in der die zu ladenden Grafiken gespeichert werden (Pfade+Dateinamen)
Dann eine Schleife die du durchiterierst und dann kannst du während es lädt, in jedem schleifenzyklus deinen Balken um soundso viel Prozent erhöhen und darstellen.

Code (glbasic) Select

GLOBAL files$[]
DIM files$[4]

files$[0] = "test.bmp"
files$[1] = "test1.bmp"
files$[2] = "test2.bmp"
files$[3] = "test3.bmp"
files$[4] = "test4.bmp"


FOR i= 0 TO 4
PRINT "Datei :"+i+" wird geladen",100,100
LOADSPRITE files$[i],i

so in etwa, nur fix hingezimmert... ohne Gewähr ;)
Mitunter, ich überlege ob ich noch andere Sprachen unterstützen lasse... aber alles zu seinet Zeit, muss erstmal sehen das ich den gpc richtig einsetze^^ ist ziemlich kompliziert :)