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Android Build Issues

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MrPlow  thank you, i will try.

I managed a build but android assets sprites, sounds and fonts not working ....

Fonts working now - only sound is not loading...
[update ; fyi - I needed to replace the newer jni source files and glbasic files with ones from when my android compile was working - as the gzwrite and other bugs were failing to build on a new project.]


For those interested the compile issues are now resolved - managed to fix by using compile sdk 30, with targetsdk at 30 minsdk at 23

Last issue was sound and that is resolved now... =D

However the templates for android that come with the newest version will need fixing to work for others - I have older libraries was able to restore them for the new project which fixed my issues

its might have mixed in old and new version? im havent checked in a while. target sdk 30 is android 11.

IM did inddeed have most focus on the Spectrum Next game currectly.


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