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GLBasic - en / New PlatformInfo Parameter
« on: 2009-Sep-03 »
Hi all.

I was waiting impaciently for the new command Parameter of PlatformInfo 'Document', which have the ability to save files on iPhone (I need mainly to save some settings).
Its seems to work pretty well (Althought i haven't tested on real device yet, it works wells on glbasic).
But i discover while i was playing around that files creates using openfile command (and write command), beggins always with '0', ie. i have created a data file name settings.dat and glbasic creates 0settings.dat file.
I don't care so much about it, but i am a little worry if that behaviour will be change in a future (creating settings.dat without extra character), because the applications done before the change can be crash (well i can code to find new file, but player will lose his game, settings, progress etc).

Best Regards, fjsantos.


First, thanks for so fast answers.

About Data Persistence, i wonder if the path that glbasic will provide, will be common for all applications or dependant to application.
About Shut Down App, will be very usefull the soubroutine provided (I didn't know that), and i use only to save data (no graphics hehe).
About Memory Allocation, all works like a charm so i am not really worried about it.
Same about backward compatibility, this was only curiosity, I will code for 3.0 of course.

Thanks to Mr Uncle for sharing that I can use XCode's performance tools for tuning my applications. I dind't know that.

I have a last question. I have found some not expected behaviour testing my application on real device.
The problem arise when i use the upper button of the device (shutdown button), to put device to sleep in middle of the application. When i awake the device using the same button, i found my application on initial state and nothing work (the applications hangs up). I have to shutdown applications using the main button. That is not the expected behaviour, because testing other applications on appstore, and doing the same procedure, i found application on pause state or anything else, and all works. I dont know if that is a coding problem (if i need to do some special coding for that like GLB_ON_QUIT) or if is a behaviour not implemented for GLBasic yet.

Thanks in advance, fjsantos.

Hi all.

I have been using glbasic last few weeks and as professional developer i found this tool extremelly useful to coding games (developing times decreases incredibly), so i will buy soon.
But i have some questions yet, referring iPhone coding.

Data Persistence
That is my first doubt, because, i don't know if i can use as usual dat files saves on iPhone / iTouch for store some data persistence (i.e. saved scores or settings). I don't know if i will find some permissions problems or anything else, or if i need to store persistence data on iPhone in other way.

Call or Stand By
Another question is where to include code, for saving data when user put iPhone to StandBy, or close application, or if any call is made while user is using my software. I would like to save data before application shutdown.

Memory Allocation
I am worried about memory, because i can't use debugging or optimizer tools from xcode, and i know that is a main problem when coding for iPhone (and main problem when trying to certificate your application for market).

Backward Compatibility
Yep, i know that GLBasic is compatible with 3.0 version of iPhone, but i wonder if this compatibility is backwards too (i suppuse yes).

Well, i thinks that's all my doubts.
Thanks in advance and great job with GLBasic.


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