Android TV Boxes

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Paul Smith

Got a MXIII Android TV box last week for around £40 to replace my £120 WDTV Live box.
How cool. Antutu benchmark ranked my box close to the fastest device. KITKAT installed. rooted
8 GPU,4 CPU,2GB Ram, 4K output**

I got this as the WDTV box is slow to bootup, flawed app sound output with 5.1 spdif. eg no sound with youtube etc, fixed codec support. not many apps.

The MXIII is nearly perfect, full Play/amazon app store. google video and flixter ultraviolet is not working correctly,sound OK but black picture. 4K output support is done with a pre-installed rooted app. made the bottom 10% of my 4k tv wobble  but 1080p is solid
If you want 4K wait for one with HDMI 2.0 or Nvidia Shield.

XBMC/KODI run perfectly.
Glbasic Apps run perfectly.

supplied Remote is pointless as you needs a wireless mouse/keyboard.
not got a compatible game controller to test it with

but for £40 you cant moan.
anyone thinking of getting a similar box?

Amstrad CPC 6128, ATARI STE.
Acer  SW5-173 & AMD RYZEN 7,RTX 3060TI


Its certainly tempting, although the TV has only one HDMI slot, which is used for the YouView box...