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ok, I made a short video so you can see it in action

Indeed, good to see some GLB projects still rolling on, and yeah development time can be long but patience and consistency is the key to get it done.
Regarding the effect itself, it's shaking or more like bending the grass to ground, or something like that? Such detail is always welcome as even today not all AAA game have vegetation that is reacting to player :D
Nice to see this one evolving :)
thanks for the help,

I am still in the process of reinventing the character and story.

I have worked a bit on the lawn engine, so i thought i share some progress ( has it allready been 10 years?  :o )

I have implemented shaking grass when you walk over it ( value from 1.0 multiplied with 720 degrees and sin and asin aftwerwards, looks really nice ), I can also use it for making a wind effect on the whole lawn, also really not that ressource draining ).

I have also fixed some bugs, like teleportation could in special cases lead to one row of tiles not loading.

And I also finished the lawn editor, lawn tiles can now be edited by some clicks in the editor.

I have attached a screenshot of the new effect, but I think a video would do it better justice.
Off Topic / Re: Interesting deals on asset...
Last post by erico - 2024-Mar-19
Nice sets!
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Low polygon 3d models: environments, characters. Mostly suited for more advanced 3d game making tools, but something ma be usefully in simpler projects.
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im have choosen to sticky this thread by now. this was not by ads for my own games. but also added a tool that fixes some important issues, caused this platform much more to enjoy.
GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
Last post by spacefractal - 2024-Feb-18
has been away recently due the Head over Heels remake. Yep. Anything im fixed is covered in the other thread, when im began to port my own games to it. Not anything is fixed, but all the worst one is.

HTMLKey() was added after those arrows keys was extractly failed as the reason.
GLBasic - en / Re: A HTML5/WebGL Journey
Last post by spacefractal - 2024-Feb-18
me that fixed it. the tool should copy the file automatic as im remember. a least the newest one. Im did do linked to the tool from the first post.

Joypad is still not supported as its require to get string javascript c++ communtion working first (integers etc is).