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And it sort of reminds me a game I've just downloaded for iOS ...

Looking at the screenshots you probably think it doesn't look anything like this but if you play it you might see might I mean.  Erm, maybe.
Quote from: Ian Price on 2012-Apr-07
What do you mean? They didn't react? Didn't throw/fire weapons?

My mistake, when I gave it a quick go I assumed the archers arrow would fly in an arc trajectory and hit targets on the ground as well as in the air.

Quote from: Ian Price on 2012-Apr-07
I've updated the Pandora version a few times since this release, but there seems to be a distinct lack of interest in a pc version, so it'll remain as a Pandora exclusive for now.

Yeah I noticed this too, I expected a great deal more of interest than this.
Just gave this a quick go at work, superb work there.   :good: :good: :good:
I presume level 2 has the bugs, as my "squad" didn't seem to realize they were being attacked?
Quote from: doimus on 2012-Mar-29
Look what GarageGames and Unity communities look like.... total wreckage.
Just out of interest, what do you mean by this?
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Mar-27
Here at work we have some pay-per-year contracts for support. Maybe I start sending newsletters to registered customers when new versions are available and insert a donate button for the upgrade, which would be free, though.
I dunno why but I assumed GLB, plus sells of mobile apps etc. was your full time, self employed job.
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Mar-20
1123 km. 11 h travel. :(
They offer a free coach!
Looks really good, I'm very impressed.  I've always thought we could do with more caveman flying helicopters.
Completion deadline?  Whyz that then?

I'm quite suprised the application review process allowed this game through ...

... while it seems like quite a good game, this "free" version allows you to drive for what, 1500 metres or so, 30 seconds if that, of play, have a look at the reviews for peoples annoyance at it.  I think it probably took me longer to download it than actually play it.
Holy crap that's an incredible IDE for a phone/tablet environment, but will anyone actually produce something with it?
And completely crazy at the same time. :blink:
Quote from: backslider on 2012-Mar-01
At the moment putting the ES and Bullet together isn't a good idea, because Bullet isn't multiplatform, yet. ;)
Which platforms does this currently work with, I'm guessing Win (obviously) and being the physics library file has an ".a" extension then iOS maybe as well?
I agree, really good work here.

:booze: :booze:
I just did with the demo version of GLB I have here at work.  It created a distribute folder and everything.
Happy Birthday Gernot ! ! !
Hah hah, those babies are superb.  What platform is that on, looking at the tasteful colours I'm guessing it's DOS PC with CGA graphics card?
Quote from: quangdx on 2012-Feb-09
Quote from: Nathan on 2012-Feb-09

Heh heh, superb!   :D
Reminds of that burning building fireman game where you have to move the trampoline under residents that are jumping out escaping from the fire.  But in reverse.

yeah there's many games that use this theme, when I was a small boy, use to have an LCD game and watch, where you was a ninja with sword, and had to bounce other ninjas out of your dojo.
And then there was a game on the Atari ST by Infrogrames called Bobo, which was a bunch of mini games,
one was bouncing prisoners out of the prison yard over the wall.
I think the first version I played involved me typing the game into my BBC Model B from a magazine listing.  Which was also a good version of basic.

(I think).