WebOS Resurrection?

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Ian Price

Would they really tell you if they did know?
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You never know!

Ian Price

TBH I suspect that they either don't know what to do with it nexr, or have some genius masterplan.

I'm thinking the former! :P
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Ian Price

Android is too well established to be killed off by Apple at this point in the game.

I suspect they've got something else up their sleeves.
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well, my opinion is that they want to have a solution for easing up future negotiations.

Ian Price

QuoteThat game is not about killing off Android, but rather about getting license fees from companies using it.

Android is OpenSource - that would prove incredibly difficult. If that were to happen (and it's certainly possible) then Android would fracture into a million different (free) variations which would eventually kill it dead due to the differences between devices and versions. webOS wouldn't be a saviour as control again would go to one (or just a few) companies. And webOS itself has been OpenSourced too...

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The first mistake is viewing Android as truly open source. These reports from over a year ago would indicate otherwise:

ZDNet: Open source Android mobile platform not very open at all

Fast Company: Google Behaving Badly

Reuters: Acer cancels smartphone launch with Alibaba

Engadget: Google's desperation over Skyhook's Android deal with Motorola

If Samsung's resilience against Apple has shown us anything, these Korean giants will not take anything lying down. This acquisition of WebOS is clearly the tipping point; they'll do what HP failed to do, and eventually pry themselves free of Google's dictatorship.

The good news is, GLBasic supports WebOS!
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kind of agree with you. Korea holds a huge power.

Android is sure far from open for what I have seen these years.
I will check your links for some insights.

Good thing we can deploy for both! :)

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Quote from: Ian Price on 2013-Feb-27
TBH I suspect that they either don't know what to do with it nexr, or have some genius masterplan.

I'm thinking the former! :P

I'm thinking the latter doesn't necessarily exclude the former.  :P

But it's probably just for spare ammo in patent wars... big company acting on hoarding instinct. Or maybe they know something we don't like Google will start charging for Andriod or whatever...


Quote from: doimus on 2013-Feb-28
....Or maybe they know something we don't like Google will start charging for Andriod or whatever...

But I guess they do kind of charge for it. :P

They own user´s info right? so they charge the end of the stick instead of middle mans.
But I suspect they charge middle mans too.

Having a niddle right on the final costumers does give them an edge, but heck, their publicity crap has been going bad every each day,
not as bad as microsoft messenger, but they are getting there quite fast.

It terribly pisses me off that each computer will give different google results...
kind of gives me the idea of the computer user by google based results on the stupid propaganda.

It is ridiculous and unproductive and self intruding... not that everyone would understand that but...


I read something ages ago that said they were working on making Android apps work in WebOS. Should this be possible then it would keep LG seperate to Android with their own OS, and yet still have access to the vast app list. Something like Blackberry.

You have to assume LG got WebOS for a song, so they probably are just keeping it to one side just incase.

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Ian Price

Yeah, I really think it's more about the patents than anything else. They don't really want webOS as an OS, but it provides a lot of valuable patents.
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Ian Price

Well, well, well.

webOS lives - SEE HERE
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I wonder how modified the system may came, would it run GLB of the box? then it would be awesome!

Here when I look for a TV, I make sure it is a no-smart tv type and no-3d too, I find all tv built in systems horrible so far.
So usually connect some pc to it and voila, all is fine.

How would webos be in this case? It looks fine so far by the reviews I saw, at least UI wise, it does seem to have that "what you wanto see" approach which I dislike in the contemporaneous stream-boxes/apps, but if we could run GLB here it would be wonderful. I can´t seem to find information on developing though.