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It should be noted that online data in America may be looked at using secret court orders :
I think this guys are a paranoid people...


Sorry. I was being tired & moody. Bit burnt out this month.

Yes, so-called cloud services have been around for a long time. What has changed is the cultural shift from these mostly being the sphere of large organizations and enthusiasts who run their own private dedicated servers or pay a premium for them to everyone having access to a huge range of decent services over open networks. Quite quickly the benefits of cloud have become easy, ordinary and ubiquitous. That's a big deal.

Not saying its secure though, because, heh.


Clouds are amazing. Having a Dropbox folder is like having a personal assistant in 1995 that would keep all your stuff backed up on floppies, then backed them again and then burned on CDROM just for your convenience. All while not having to care one bit about it.

Embrace the technology people!  :good:
And regarding the privacy concerns, I'm so tired of that lamenting... basically, no matter where you live, in whichever country, yes even the most free ones TM, your government already has more data on you than you could possibly provide them, even by giving them all your facebook, dropbox, mail passwords....

But ask not what your government knows about you, ask what you know about your government... that's where the real issues are.


The problem whit the free Cloud systems, are in some cases they have some clausules in the contracts, and some times they say , if you put something here in part it's property of this Cloud...

I think if you have something very interesting perhaps we have to get problems... For the daily use I think it's the best... basically I burn 3 HD in only a year and I don't feel very secure whit my HD in home, something simple like a very high voltage, can destroy all my info in a second...

The true this it's like tablets, another new name for a new mode... the Cloud, the same mail it's the cloud... and this can be happend make a lot of years, now for what?¿, another way for gain money... In some years we ear about the grapheno Computers and this it's inveted more 10 years ago... another time pay,pay,pay... Paypal =D


Today, there are cases where Twitter and Google identities obtained by law and it will be the cloud in the future.


Please Matchy, a brighter future please! :P


Don't trust the cloud services religiously, make your own backups too. You never know when the RIAA shows up and takes the whole cloud down because of someone sharing movies/music on a neighbouring data-center :-)

I have tried a few cloud services for a while now and I do have problems with some of them not bothering to transfer everything to the cloud. Quite annoying when you try to recover your stuff again after a harddrive failure I'm sure. Luckily I haven't had a drive failure since I started with cloud backup.


oh ok erico.  :whistle:  :-[

With iOS services like iCloud, it can be demonstrated as useful and safe.


I do use them but I am not a fan. Cloud services make reliant on someone else holding and protecting my backup data, which has never made me feel comfortable. Google lost half my emails once which caused me no end if bother. On top of that my net is pretty slow.

One thing it has going for it though is app integration, allowing more portability if your data.


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Speaking about cloud storage services, there's currently a limited offer of 50GB space at Box.