Red Wizard Island

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Generally game logic shouldn't be dependent on the monitor resolution, only some simple games like FlappyBird may do that, also puzzle games (or other single-screen based games) can also recalculate collision rect and part of logic depending on tile/block size. In 2d tile based with scroll-able map (any platformer, strategy, more advanced games) games screen size should matter only for how much of map is visible and zoom value in a way to preserve originally designed viewport for the game. Specially with GLB as You can use all kind of tricks: OpenGL scale, render-to-texture and so on, as those mostly aren't available in some popular gamemaking tools that limit's game made within them to a single resolution.

Are You planning to release it on Android, such normal game without micro-transactions would be really nice on that platform.
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you can use fullscreen ads on Android, but not micro-transactions.

PowerUp Elevation was also such a game that used a internal resolution in mind  (1280x720) and that game might uses offscreen for gameplay scaling and eventuelly add some graphics instead of a black border (none scaled, but repeated graphics).

Also, you cant force 1280x800 on Android in mind at all, so you are forced to use the surface you will get from Android. This was why im release a snippet about it. just use that and the issue will been fixed.

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Working for me now too! :booze:


Hey, I noticed that You are working on next game Power of the Ancients, and it will be made wit GoDot. From start please don't get me wrong on this, I noticed that GoDot is lately heavy promoted in many ways, on gamedev videos and so on, but still. I hope that You are coding it at least in C# - cause GDScript was utter unoptimized **** as I last checked it, maybe something changed in last two years but just there is no point for me on checking that yet again. Just don't feel into that high requirements indie games category - small, simple games that require good >1GB dedicated gpu to run, as they are running on poor engines with ton of unnecessary effects. And since this is early stage of project development you should already consider some proper touch controls and design to simplify future port to mobiles.

Honestly good luck with it ;-) I like RTS game, and also small ones but just to many fall short and are rather one time/run experience :-)
ah btw. there was some expansion 'Power of the Ancients' for Dungeon Defenders 2, so check if that title isn't covered by trademark or something.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020