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you could do auto fire while moving the aim? etc holding fire also move the aim, and the ufo when not held down?
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Autoshoot won't work as the game will pause a lot. I tryed it while also making it move half speed if button is pressed but didnt work either. So I reverted to the 1 button 1 speed control.


Hello back chaps! Finished the game, it is for sale on itchio here for $5:

It is a little bit expensive compared to my other games but I added a super high resolution exploded tech illustration of a color computer 2 to help the value.
It should go to $2.99 in a couple months and the image will become free. ;)

Here is the trailer:

Here a gameplay video, very bad one, will probably change it to a more exciting one later:

And I will later finish the making of too here:

Will bring some keys for us soon!


congratulations erico a great job and an important advertisement for GlBasic. :good:
I like retro graphics and it should be a great compliment because said by a high definition graphics purist ...... !!
When work is worth ... it must be recognized.


Very nice!!
Love the sfx too! very satisfying :)
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Like that art :-) Such restricted visuals show what can be achieved with good idea and proper work.
Good luck with it! Thing about that, I saw that You have also other games on, and I'm curious does itch is kind of rewarding platform in both terms of $$ and constructive/inspirational feedback?
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Thanks, I said I bundleed a poster image with the game, here is a glimpse of it.
It is a 14kx18k image and it should print neatly at 300 dpi up to 2 meters tall or close to that.

About Itchio, it does not sell as much as steam, but then, I can´t afford placing all my games on steam for the 100$ gets a bit too much.
None of those stores will auto-sell your game, you have to rely on your notoriety, and since I don´t yet have one, steam is a bit of a waste.
That leads me to itchio, which is a platform I like from its beginning.

About feedback, I still get more of that on the regular forums, but they are certainly getting smaller as time goes by.
I try to tweet/facebook and some discord too, but that does not seem to do much for non notorious people.

Moneywise, if you bring people over, it will sell and it works. I have some 50$ lying around there and mostly from past 2 months.

My take is that, if one can produce a good number of good/avarage quality games, say 10 games, it should be enough to push sales on both stores.
I find that as I start a new project and start dev logging it, newcomers eventually stumble on my other games and they do buy it.
So as long as I keep producing and already have some games on sale, things flow.


I wish you success Erico, you deserve it because you are a very motivated and hardworking person  :booze:

Like MrPlow, I <3 the sfx !

By the way, are you still working on your game with parallax scrolling (like in "Shadow of the Beast") ?
I ask you that because I think it was really a good idea too  ;)



You mean the underwater shotemup?
That is a  bit of a bigger project, one I won´t be able to do, if I have to do everything, in ~3 months.
I could change the gfx style to easy that part but I´m doubt of next project, it should fit a 2 months time scale, just like the outhouse. :)


Yes I think that's it.
You started talking about it here


Yep, that one. Graphics are from a friend, while I can mimic it and add frames and extras, it would be too much for me to do by myself.
If I change the style, then it is possible but I´m currently struggling between projects to choose.

For the outhouse, I did another poster image to go along the first one, here are both in preview mode:


You should bundle your games in a pack on, I'm sure many would be happy to buy it (me for example  :)).

If you need help with your underwater shootemup I can give you a hand if you want.
A good underwater shootemup is this one on PS1, it's like Metal Slug but underwater ...and too fast for me.