DDGUI absolute positioning

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if you want the absolute positioning in DDGUI you must add the following lines of code in DDgui.gbas

   wabspos%=0 //added  line 444
   CASE "XPOS";     wdg.wxpos% = val$;wdg.wabspos%=1 //added  line 767
   CASE "YPOS";     wdg.wypos% = val$;wdg.wabspos%=1 //added  line 768
   IF wdg.wabspos%=1 // added  line 1585
      xpos%=wdg.wxpos% // added  line 1586
      ypos%=wdg.wypos% // added  line 1587
   ENDIF // added  line 1588

and use absolute positioning in this way:
DDgui_set(L_n_rate_year$, "YPOS",120)
DDgui_set(L_n_rate_year$, "XPOS", 50)

Only tried with DDgui_widget DDgui_numbertext DDgui_text DDgui_button.
These changes should not create incompatibility with standard DDGUI programs.
If this happens I apologize.
Let me know

Kitty Hello

Very well. I thought about something like this, also.
What are your requirements? I would just need to position some widgets at the bottom of the dialog. (OK+Cancel)