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GLBasic - en / BlackBerry 10 Now Works
« on: 2014-Jul-09 »
Just a quick FYI,

I tested some of the Android games some of the brilliant minds have made on here. 

BlackBerry 10 now has Android built in and they finally added Native support as of 10.2.1.

Testing the apps and games on here I found they all worked very well :)

I know, BlackBerry is evil (etc.) but they buy more paid apps by far.  If anyones interested - I'm going to write a simple game (I have a glbasic license from the old gp2xwiz days) and do a step-by-step article on getting your app on BB10.  I have a good 50 apps for sale already but would love to be one of the first with a GLBasic game :D

Just wanted to share my findings this afternoon,


GLBasic - en / Win a free PlayBook - Seriously
« on: 2012-Feb-04 »
The PlayBook now supports Android files.
BlackBerry has a promotion going on, sign and submit an app to AppWorld by Feb 13th - and you get a free PlayBook.
All of this can be done for free with GLBasic :)

How to do this:
1)  Use GLBasic to create an Android App
2)  Package your APK
3)  Use the link (look under Tablet OS) and download an app signing BAT file
4)  Register for the signing keys
5)  Use the BAT file and signing keys to convert the APK to a signed BAR
6)  Submit the BAR to AppWorld (all of this free)
7)  Once approved, RIM will email you asking for your shipping information.

:)  Oh, and did I mention - that means we can use GLBasic to program for the PlayBook and Android now :D

GLBasic - en / 3d on GP2X Wiz
« on: 2010-Sep-10 »

Hola Kitty and team,

The last few builds have had some strange behaviours for 3d on GP2X-Wiz.  The objects are not solid - they look like they have a 'blinds' effect on them and colouring doesn't match up.

I've tested the builds in the samples as well as my own code.

Running:  GLBasic IDE, Version: 8.085, Everything up-to-date.  Any thoughts? :D  If we can get a solid release candidate for 3D - I'll burn it to a CD or something so I wont bug you about it anymore.

3D looks fine on Windows etc, its just on GP2X wiz.

Hopefully some one can assist me,

I purchased this program hoping to hobble together a simple 3D app for fun on my GP2X-Wiz.

Of course, I couldn't verify first if the 3D would work - because its restricted in the trial mode and disabled.  So I gave in and purchased.

Now I can run 3D stuff fine from GLBASIC on Windows.  But when I port any 3D code to the GP2X-Wiz it doesn't show anything.  What happens is - you launch the software and the second it switches to 3D mode it does not display anything.  Switching back to 2D mode - everything displays fine.  Apparently there was an issue before that was 'resolved' in an update.  But this does not appear to be the case anymore.;u=1078

This includes the Sample(s) included in the help file:

Am I missing something or does it really not work at all?

Version 1.2.1
Firmware: 2.6.24 Rev 327
GLBasic:  7.203

Code: (glbasic) [Select]

// Pyramid demo
// ------------

// Create a Pyramid
  X_OBJADDVERTEX -5, -10, -5, 0,0,RGB(0,0,255)
  X_OBJADDVERTEX  5, -10, -5, 0,0,RGB(0,0,255)
  X_OBJADDVERTEX  0,   0,  0, 0,0,RGB(255,255,255) // Peak
  X_OBJADDVERTEX  5, -10,  5, 0,0,RGB(0,0,255)
  X_OBJADDVERTEX -5, -10,  5, 0,0,RGB(0,0,255)
// Group
// ...or Bottom
//  X_OBJADDVERTEX  5, -10, -5, 0,0,RGB(0,0,255)
//  X_OBJADDVERTEX -5, -10, -5, 0,0,RGB(0,0,255)

  X_OBJADDVERTEX -5, -10, -5, 0,0,RGB(0,0,255)
  X_OBJADDVERTEX  0,  0,   0, 0,0,RGB(255,255,255)
  X_OBJADDVERTEX -5, -10,  5, 0,0,RGB(0,0,255)

//  X_SAVEOBJ "Pyramid.ddd", 5
//  X_LOADOBJ "Pyramid.ddd", 5


  MOUSESTATE mx, my, b1 ,b2
  phi=mx*360 / 640

  X_MAKE3D 1,1000,45 // Viewport 3D
  X_CAMERA 0, 150, -300,   0 ,0 ,0
  X_DRAWAXES 50, 50, 0

  X_AMBIENT_LT 0, RGB(255,255,0)

  X_MOVEMENT (mx*-1)+230, 100, 0
  X_SCALING 3, 3, 3
  X_ROTATION phi, 0, 1, 0
  X_DRAWOBJ 5, 0


I thought I had read that it uses a software renderer.  Wouldn't this mean the Wiz is fine the problem is with GLBASIC?  2D applications work fine, and I tried multiple 3D code snippets - all with the same result.  I've included the compiled version.

Does anyone have code that works for a basic 3d object?

[attachment deleted by admin]

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