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Windows 8

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With Windows 8 you may find that trying to start (or start copy) a program won't run (with GLBasic stating "please create first" or "run failed").  It looks like security permissions have changed again, and if you want to start a program from within GLBasic, then you will need to set the privilege level to "run as administrator", after which both will work fine.


Hi MrT, I update from 7 to 8, and I don't have to do nothing... but I don't rebember before put GLbasic like Admin...

PS: If anyone uses win 8 and you need the Start Button, at the left corner like in all windows... install this

I have pokki and runs very fine..


Its possible that its only needed for 64-bit versions...


Yes can be this... because I'm using 32 bits...


I hope people were able to upgrade their Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems to Windows 10 before the deadline expired.
Windows 10 is a big improvement over 8 and 8.1.


This is kind of offtopic, but I must say that Windows 10 is a bad system, it much depends on your version (Home have less options and more stuff to do with sys registry) and how much time/effort you want to spend to disable annoying things. Like running in background anti-spyware/autoupdate/sys memory optimization/and other tools, if you are on gaming/dev desktop machine with i5/i7 it's not a problem but if you are using office pc, or net designed notebook then those applications can consume even 50% of your cpu power (and of course constant disc usage) during you normal work, so pc becomes unusable. Despite that, they start even if you are using notebook without power adapter plugged-in, so...
No option to choose what update you can install is also a pain, as this also is set to periodic updates in background, I prefer to choose one big cumulative update than daily little patches that clog the OS.
Problems with switching graphic on notebooks (between integrated and dedicated), graphical artifacts in games (testing on different drivers versions), total hang-ons while Alt-Tabbing, Xbox DVR that messes even more. Overall system stability (much more crashes, explorer.exe is stable like in Win XP days), and more more bugs, strange design paths...
You can try to fix some issues with dedicated software, playing with registry but disabling one thing blocks/change another (e.g. in Home version disable auto-updates disable whole Windows Update system, so to do manually updates you need to again enable it in registry and so on). And really is this what a good system should look like? To force user to waste time and fix such things...
After updating my OS and one week on Windows 10 I used 'back to Windows 8.1' option, and I'm happy with it.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


I´m confident I will skip win10, will be using 7 till next version.
If I update it, my machine is going to work slower (as usual with all system updates) and I´d probably have to dump and re-purchase a few important hardware of mine as they are sure not going to have a driver for it. It was already a pain to make it all work on win7.
So such a os change would mean a heck of a lot of money to re-buy stuff that is already working perfectly, so, no.


Actuelly Windows 10 is pretty fast and boot very fast.

Howovere the only machine im have issues with was with a quite old Intel Atom machine with ion gpu, where its diddent exists a drivers to it, even its said its was compatible with it. Howover rest machines (im have a comply, include a Windows tablet) was not a issue. Im updated all machines im could. One machine did im installed Steam OS too throught.

Its quite much better than Windows 8, which was too much tablet focus. Of course Win 10 have its own issues. More more games do might require Windows 10 now.

Howover its to late now, since the free update is over.

PS. Should im move this typic to general forum, since its not a faq thread.
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Hey SpaceFractal, I read you comment about the problem with drivers (I'm not sure if I read all ok).
Take a look to this seems appears a link for ION GPU for Windows 10.

QuoteJust registered to let you know that this driver worked for me on Windows 10 x64 final: