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First of all I'm a great fan of glbasic. But then we all are :-).

I'm not sure about the aim of G.A.C.K.. I know only one thing. If gack "wanted" to be or "wanted to have an ambition" to be or develope in to really potent and "serious"(don't get me wrong) SDK for making commercial grade games for smartphone like GLBasic is it could. Not only it could be it. It could be superior in doing that (the most time effective when it comes to developing and compiling for iOS and Android). But if the ambition is to be
more like an educational toy then gack is already perfect as it is.

If gack wants to be an sdk for smartphones the are several feature that could be fun to have:
1.Splash/intro screen
2.Menu with buttons: "play", "load", "options"(sound volume+maybe screen adaptation/resolution), credits
3.Possibility for max 15 levels (next level unlocks after completion of the previous,unlocked ones can be loaded)
4.Choice between min 2 control gui types/layouts.

The control layouts (1 player only):
- Type 1
Fourdirectional button on the left, shoot button on the right, "change weapon" button in the right upper corner

- Type 2
4 buttons in a row: "left", "right", "shoot", "jump" (or "jump", ""shoot"), and/or 5th "change weapon" button

I would for sure invest in it even if it would be released under other name then gack. I wouldn't care.
And then it could cost 20 times more than current version of gack. I would invest in it for sure. Because then again  it be worth it as a superior and innovative SDK for smartphones out there

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Kitty Hello

Thanks for your feedback. I think of implementing some if these, but I think it will always target retro-style games like before 1985.


Thanks Gernot. I'm aware of that. I love G.A.C.K. the way it is (if you mean graphics are retro). A big fan of your 2 creations.

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Oh, I was just thinking about control system. It would be cool if developers could choose what to assign to 4-directional button. Whether "up" and " buttons should be "up" and "down" (as for top-down shooter game) or they should change to "jump" and "crouch/duck" (as for platformer game). And then the developers could check or  uncheck the option of whether the game character should stand up after releasing "crouch" button or shoul he remain sitting until we press "crouch" again. And if the latter is the case he could actually crawl, otherwise respond to "left" - "right" buttons.

Of course if this option couldn't be achieved (between "crawl" and "duck") the "crawl" function would be (I believe) more sought after.
I just got an idea on how to put it all together and even combine 2-directional and 4-directional button in one control layout.
Her it is:

0.User could choose between Gametel/iCade, tilt or touch (comes below).
1. The developer (in the same menu) is given a choice what buttons to render visible and what those should do.
2. If he/she unchecks "change weapon" button - "change weapon" wouldn't be rendered visible in game.
3.If "up-down" is checked - 4-directional cross is shown.
4.If checkmark is on "jump-crawl" - the exactly same cross (but with other icons) is on.
5.It should be such that people couldn't  choose both  option 3. and 4., only one of them.
6.If neither 3. or 4. is checked - only "left" and "right" button are remaining visible from the cross.
7. Alternativly people could check "touch joystick" instead of 2-/4-directional movement.

Btw will you consider using Gametel?
It's for Android and iOS, it's handier and it looks like a game pad. I know GACK is for retrogames and that's why iCade is relevant :-).

I hope I'm not too demanding :-). It's up to you how you want to make it or to put up in it. It's just a wishlist :-).
Thank you

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