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Getting a Linux GLBasic program up and running

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As of update  6 GLBasic no longer runs on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) Running from the Bash tells you that the import_dll MFC80.DLL, MSVCR80.dll, MSVCP80.dll are missing which are needed by the EditorE.exe. :'(

Really !?  Better test it out!

Programs run fine here.

I do notice that I always get "bad shoebox header: /home/nicholas/Desktop/Spots/Spots.linux []".  Is this because I'm not using Shoebox ?

If your talking about the Editor within WINE - then I have never got it running.

Kitty Hello:
aw, bad. The editor should run on WINE.

'Tis true - needs a whole lot of MFC80 DLL's...

Editor is running under Wine for me (Xubuntu 8.10 in VirtualBox)
I had to change the font to get the text in the debug-window readable since it was too small but I get no errors. Installation took for ever though :-)

Also, there are no squares on the end of the lines when you do a find in files search.


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