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Getting a Linux GLBasic program up and running

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Perhaps we can make runs GLBasic under Linux like in windows, I think the only we need it's now what uses GLBasic in windows ?¿ I refer to someFramekor or some V++Redistributable... Wine tricks permet install some of this packages... also, if Wine can done perhaps CodeWeaver can be the solution, it's WINE but more advanced...

Really I try both, but bad using I don't understand too much how make bottles and this things, and another thing perhaps don't works fine in all future versions or in different distros of Linux.

I give a idea for make a Ide for Linux, really I don't know if this it's a huge work then excuseme, but the guys of AGK the Ide are using it's CodeBlocks(in Window)  and the get money for the compiler, I think use CodeBlocks in Linux works perfectly and modify for use GLbasic?¿, I think eclipse can do this too, have a version for any one wants makes a own IDE, perhaps don't it's necessary have all the platforms at one time, progressive adding platforms to the Ide, while in the forum can do Betatesting and leave it OK, and finally have the IDE for Win and Linux and anyone select the better choice for him.

Yeah newer GLBasic releases seems to be bugged on Linux, see my post here:


--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Sep-23 ---OK, the current update (the setup with Caanoo support) has this fixed now. I hope the dependencies are "just" SDL_mixer on most systems now. A shame that ubuntu does not ship this on default.

--- End quote ---

I got my app running on MX-Linux 18.3 32 BIT, Great  :)

I have a phone with Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 (UBports), (the app did not run on this, of course it's an arm7).

Will there be a build for this environment?

The SDK available for Ubuntu Touch, since the linux build is on 8086 hardware and 32Bit, I think it would be possible to do the build on arm7 with the SDK from UBports



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