A little idea if is possible.

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HI guys is possible to do this in the IDE.
For me a lot of times when I change the source code and I want to go again to previous, sometimes after hours working is a bit hard to see and find quickly what source code I used.

I don't now if is too much complex add custom colors like in the image but perhaps can be useful.


Looks interesting. If I´m changing some great parts of the code, I usually do a full backup of the point before messing with stuff I´m unsure I can get back.


Another point I think sometimes, is using some kind of mark for you  have ordened the code in groups... In example imagine you do a Ship, yo do the code of the ship, the ship xploding , the ship shots, and a lot of things and you have to put in various source code... all is about the same, the Ship, then you can add a color mark to the source codes about the ship, and see very quickly where is each part of the code.

I say like idea, I don't know if do this little things needs a lot of works.


I use git: https://git-scm.com/
I can always go back to previous code by doing "git reset". :)


Thanks Rober7.. I think I wrote bad (again  :rant:), I dont want say something for if you lost the code, basically is for when you writing code can see very quick on your working... but thanks for the link... I take a look.
:good: :booze:


Without the Code of the IDE we have no chance to do that. Maybe ask dreamerman with his IDE to add this...
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Sorry Schranz0r , but Gernnot ?¿ , I stay a sometime out of GLBasic... I don't kwon too much how works the development of GLbasic.

In another part, not is importat, only I want comment like idea, for make a little better the IDE, for me works all fine,... the only point I like to use natively in Linux... (Don't is needed possible compile for another platforms)... Something similar to Wine, but under linux...


Some editors like Visual Studio marks the new code you typed in differente colour, and you can see the new code you added. Some editors like XCode too uses a "version control system" like Subversion or Git and allows to connect your code with the repository (archive) where your stable code is, and marks the differences between your new code and your last version.

If you use a control version system like Git or SVN (this is easiest for begginers), you can do this and more. You can experiment with your code and work in many features (branches) at once without affect other features and go back if you mess a lot your code, and compare between versions.

If you don't want to complicate with version systems, you can do "manually" too, but it's more work. You can archive in other folder the stable version you make, and you can experiment with the code and see the differences with file and directory compare tools like WinMerge.

For example you can have this folders to archive selected versions of your code:

-- Mygame.2016.10.03.appstore
-- MyGame.2016.01.06.stable
-- MyGame.2016.03.06.enemies.not.works
-- MyGame.2016.05.06.ship.developing


Thanks Hardyx... I thought you don't stay more in the forum...  :booze:


Another option is to have very regular scheduled backups, using a round-robin indexed differential strategy. Sounds complicated but it basically means that your backup software keeps X amount of backup history somwhere on your system. Using these backups of your code folder, you can then use a diff utility to see what was changed. The bonus of course is having a day-to-day source backup history to browse.

I use Macrium Reflect and Ultraedit for doing this myself.


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1. Just added colored tabs to my IDE. Their background color depends on file modification counter, for start I used similar colors as on your screenshot.
2. Markers on project file list are doable but needs some testing, they would be saved in project file as additional info, and have no idea if standard GLB ide can save them again if project would be opened with it.
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