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There are a lot of questions in the steam forum. May be you should be more precise about compile targets :

May be someone could answer better than me, and may be update the store page to be more precice about that.
My idea is  : To support the product and the development of it, instead of giving a Steam key to the "already owners" of the product, just let them have the same coupon as now (50 %) on the steam version they could buy when they want :-) and not only before January the 14th (a coupon that never expire). In this case 2 benefits :

- They can have the last version for 20 bucks instead of the full price because they already owned the old version.
- They continue supporting the dev and release of the product giving a reasonable amount of money for it.
- You can have some fees for your (very good) work and continue working on it.

Just an idea.
For those who already have it out of steam, could they have a steam key, how it's often made when a product is out on steam after a release out of it ?
Great, so that means that we can expect a new version in a near future ? :)

I feel better now, I was affraid that GLBasic was abandonned :)

Thank you for your answer.
Hi there,

There is a lot of time I didn't came here. That's because of a lot of health problem, for several years that make my life a little difficult and I didn't code anything for a long time.

I try to get some news about this great dev kit, but it seems difficult for me to find what happened these last years. Just see that the source code was realeased so, is this dev kit is abandoned ? or may be we entered in a community developement cycle ?

I'm sorry for my engish...and I'm sorry if my questions are a little repetitive for you as I tried to use the search field before post something here.

Thank you all !
très intéressant merci :) à tester ^^
Salut Ocean ! :)
Merci effectivement c'est un code principalement pour Windows. Je sais pas si je l'avais posté dans le forum anglais, je sais que j'avais posté le starfield en fausse 3D, l'autre je sais plus :)

Je vais préciser dans le topic que c'est pour windows à la base.

Sympa ta modif :-)

Je vous met ici en pièce jointe un petit code que j'ai fait, qui utilise quelques calculs mathématiques et un sprite pour générer des feux d'artifices. Je me suis inspiré d'un algo mathématique que j'avais vu à une époque me semble t'il sous Blitz.

Le fichier zip est attaché au topic. Il y a juste à ouvrir le projet et à le compiler :) La routine a été codée pour Windows à la base.

Happy GLBasic !
En fait je connais GLBasic depuis longtemps, mais comme j'utilise pas mal de langage...Je l'avais un peu mis de côté, mais j'y reviens. En fait je passe ici assez souvent mais comme personne venait ici c'est vrai que je postais pas non plus.

Je pense qu'on devrait faire vivre ce forum, je suis sur qu'on peut être plus nombreux qu'on ne le croit. Mais je pense que comme cela ne bouge pas trop, personne ne parle. Aussi je pense qu'on devrait répandre un peu plus GLBasic en France, je veux dire le faire connaître ^^ Je réfléchis comment.

Pour avoir testé pas mal de solutions de conception de jeux / applications multimedia, il faut avouer que GLBasic a un atout incroyable : c'est qu'il est simple à apprendre et donne de très bons résultats. Faut que je m'y remette un peu pour me remettre un peu dans le bain du code GLBasic.

Je suis content de voir que je ne suis pas seul :) Merci de vous êtes manifesté ici !
That's right, that's why these examples works. But if there is the with, that doesn't work anymore. But I don't know why.

On a distant server you can't upload 0 ko files but on a local you can copy it.
In this example the make this sample fail with google chrome may be because is empty (0 ko) ?
I found the problem ! this is the file that is the problem. If I delete it, that works perfectly on my local server (and distant too), on Chrome.

Don't understand what is this file. The fact is that I have two places with html file, one in a folder that have the name of the project and one in a folder called "distribute" with a file "".
I ran it from my computer first. I tried form DropBox that can load html 5 document but it stucks on "Downloading" or "Preparing".

After I tried with my Wamp server that work perfectly with Firefox and with Chrome v 30.x it stucks on "Preparing". I can't get it work with Chrome.

Also the compilation process is long.

This sample works on Firefox, but I can't get it work with Google Chrome version 30.x

I tried in html 5 and html 5 webgl. it works always in Firefox but not with Chrome version 30.x

EDIT : sorry for the double post.