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Hi there,

There is a lot of time I didn't came here. That's because of a lot of health problem, for several years that make my life a little difficult and I didn't code anything for a long time.

I try to get some news about this great dev kit, but it seems difficult for me to find what happened these last years. Just see that the source code was realeased so, is this dev kit is abandoned ? or may be we entered in a community developement cycle ?

I'm sorry for my engish...and I'm sorry if my questions are a little repetitive for you as I tried to use the search field before post something here.

Thank you all !

Je vous met ici en pièce jointe un petit code que j'ai fait, qui utilise quelques calculs mathématiques et un sprite pour générer des feux d'artifices. Je me suis inspiré d'un algo mathématique que j'avais vu à une époque me semble t'il sous Blitz.

Le fichier zip est attaché au topic. Il y a juste à ouvrir le projet et à le compiler :) La routine a été codée pour Windows à la base.

Happy GLBasic !
Salut tous :)

Je vous poste ici un petit snippet. Les habitués reconnaîtront le style vu que je l'ai présenté dans plusieurs langages :) Je voulais l'adapter pour GLBasic.

Il s'agit d'un fond étoilé animé en fausse 3D, réalisé avec de simples calculs mathématiques. J'attache au topic le zip des sources :)

Happy GLBasic :)

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Hi all :)

Here is a code that I wrote to simulate a 3D Starfield, in an amiga style. This code is inspired from an Blitzbasic code, I found severals years ago.

I wrote this code on Purebasic several years ago, and then I wanted to translate it for GLBasic :)

I provide you a zip file with the project and the source.

Have fun :)

Happy GLB !

PS : Sorry for my aproximative english.

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Hello :)

How as you can see, I try to make some games work in Linux. But I try to make them work more easier for the end user.

Here :

I try to show a way to find libs we need with more ease (for ex with Fedora dist), but I wonder several things about that :

There are two FAQ about it

the first here :

and the second here :

I try yesterday on a fresh install of ubuntu 11.04 and it seems that we just need to install SDL mixer and stdc++ and that's all.

But in other dist like fedora, we need more to make games work.

Are these two FAQ up to date ? or something change since ?

These libs are always required ( ?

I think that could be a little tricky for someone who want to test on linux a game. May be there is a way to put the lib in the same directory and make an Export in a bash file before run the game ?

I need some informations about linux export.

Thank you in advance, and one more time : sorry for my poor english :)

Hi there :)

I'm new and I just take a look to GLBasic. I tried to make some samples work on Linux. I saw this topic in the FAQ :

That works but, this work with distros witch use deb style packages. For other distros like Fedora 15 it's a little more tricky. How the FAQ said you could use getlibs for Ubuntu style distros but I'm going to show you an other way to find files you need to make games work on it :)

I would like first to apologize for my poor english. because I am french ^^

Let's do a recap, we need these :


And theses lib :

If you work with a 64 bit Os, be sure to install these libs in a 32 bit version too :)

Ubuntu / Linux Mint

For the libSDL and libstdc++ package juste make :

sudo apt-cache search -n <name>

example :

Code (glbasic) Select
sudo apt-cache search -n libSDL

You will find what you need and then do apt-get install <name>

example :

Code (glbasic) Select
sudo apt-get install libsdl-mixer1.2*

For the libs you could use getlibs but there is a tool that work perfectly for them and available directly. Just install apt-file

Code (glbasic) Select
sudo apt-get install apt-file

Then to find the package that contain the libs do :

sudo apt-file search <name>

For example , to find :

Code (glbasic) Select
sudo apt-file search 

Linux will return the packages that contain the lib you need, after just install the package with apt-get install

Fedora / Distros with Yum tool

It's more easy I think.

For libSDL and libstdc++ juste do

yum list "*<name>*"

example :

Code (glbasic) Select
yum list "*libSDL*"


Code (glbasic) Select
yum search SDL

You will find package you need. If not, try to change the name like SDL instead of libSDL. Sometimes packages haven't the same name.

For the lib it's very very simple. Just do :

yum install <name>

Example :

Code (glbasic) Select
yum install

Yum will find automatically the right package to install for you :)

Hope this helps :)

Happy GLB !