Mac Compile error

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I compile for Mac, and GL_B create a folder
I copy in my Mac, but when i run don't start ...

I tried to use the two compilers:
- OS_X X86
- OS_X Uni

But the game don't start.
I have Mac Mini (i7 core) with Maverick (10.9.3)

On Win Vista-7-8 and 8.1 and Android the game run fine!



Zip your on PC, move to MAC and unzip there, then it should work.


I trasfer with rar and after uncompressed on MAC, but don't work .....   :giveup:


Strange, the only trouble I had this way was related to flags in files, zipping on pc and unzipping on mac worked fine, maybe RAR does not chenge it? Try zip just in case.
I never did have any other issue on mac but the fact that a screen size change dumps you assets from memory.


Did it work at all?


No .....

Now return this error ...

All platform it's an adventure.......  :rant:


That is strange, compile a simple hello world to give a try.
I never had trouble with mac but the latest about virtual screen and the issue with moving files non-zipped


Lets also see the code too!