Collision detection with polyvector

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Hi guys

What would be the best method for pixel perfect collison of the player sprite when using a tilebased scroller with polydraw functionality ?
Would it be to keep track of the player-sprite's screen position and draw all the tiles from the "crashable layer" as sprites too. That is if they are inside the playersprites rectangle.
And then use sprcoll ?

Or are there any other cool functionality for this ?

Btw. I will be using transparent png images for sprites and tiles.
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Ian Price

Array checking should generally be your first test for collisions in tile based gaming, however this can be very hit and miss if the background needs to have non-squarish tiles (eg. slopes), but even then still use the tile data array and work out positioning  for where the character should be in relation to the image (climbing/descending slope or even to detect if player has collided with ground/object). If it's just walls etc that's the way to go.

I wouldn't advise using sprites as well as Polyvectors for drawing the landscape - stick to polys only and make enemies and pick-ups sprites if you need pixel perfect collision detection.
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