ipad2 or Asus eee Transformer ?

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A few questions:

I have to choose between ipad 2 and the Asus EEE Transformer ( I will get one of them from my employer  =D ).
Anybody that have tested the Asus or both of them ?
Is there any advantages developing on one of the platforms ?

The Transformer seems very interesting to me :)

PS! I already have an mac mini, so i will be able to compile to the ipad.

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That is a hard question. I prefer anything non apple for personal things.
But I have doubts if any pad performance gets close to the ipad2.

We have one at work, it´s pretty nice but far from perfect. I heard most of the competitors can´t even handle the touch screen. IMHO the precision and delays involved with the ipad2 is already bad, if the competitors are worse I guess there is no choice but to go for the apple thing.

I will be getting an ipad2 these next weeks, I need it to start doing things for the i-things, otherwise, I probably would go for a more open choice in pads. It really depends on your needs.

Have you tried both?


I read that the EEE Pad Transformer has at least as smooth performance as ipad2 if flash are disabled (an option in the settings menu).
Anybody that can confirm this.
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I have an iPad 2 and a Motorola Xoom (which is the same hardware as the Transformer).

I love them both for different reasons. The iPad 2 I find faster and overall a smoother device in performance, plus you can't beat the fact that there is a massive library of software available for the iPad as opposed to the 10.1" Honeycomb tablets.

The biggest downfall of the iPad (as we all know) is no flash. The biggest downfall of the Honeycomb tablets is lack of dedicated apps (getting better oh so slowly).

Advantages of developing for iPad is the massive market compared to Honeycomb tablets. Having said that, the downside of developing apps on the iPad is also the massive market as apps you release can get barely noticed. Developing for Honeycomb apps is not harder or easier than on the Ipad via GLBasic. Once you have the SDK installed and whatever else is needed you're up and running.

If I had to pick one or the other and stick with it for development I'd personally choose the iPad 2. Reason being the Android market is full of different devices and it won't be long before the current Tegra 2 10.1" tablets are not the only kids on the block and thus wild fragmentation of speeds of different devices. With the iPad and iPad 2 you know exactly what hardware you're hitting and everyone who's got an iPad or iPad 2 will be the same. At this point in time luckily all the 10.1" Honeycomb tablets are run by the same hardware, so speeds differences are minimal (except those that have OC'd them like I have, so faster).

So, in a nutshell you could say that developing for the iPad 2 is easier because you know that the 60fps super game you've just completed will run the same on every other iPad 2. Whereas on the Android tablet side of things how long before you're dealing with a range of hardware and resolutions?