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Scratchys Mission: A new adventure game for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Have you ever dreamed of flying. Now is your chance to take to the skies while you help Scratchy (the coolest stick dude in town) to get back home.

Scratchy is hungry, tired and wants to go home. Are you ready to embark on the most exciting journey.
Take control of Scratchy, the cool animated stickman and join him in an adventure of a lifetime.
Run, run, run and let yourself go from cliffs many metres above sea level. Have you got what it takes to make it to the next cliff.
Timing your jumps is very important in order for Scratchy to succeed in his mission.
If you run too fast you might miss the cliff, if you run too slow you might not make it to the next cliff and crash.
Learning how to jump at the right speeds is essential to land safely and survive.
There are obstacles on the way too, so avoid them at all costs.
Controls are extremely simple. Just tap on the big feet button to make Scratchy run.
That's all you need to enjoy the freedom and thrill of flying. You'll be gliding with Scratchy in no time.

Become the best stick glider and post your scores and flying distances in the Global Online Scores for everyone to see. The competition is just about to start.

Surveyed 20 people at random and this was what people thought of Scratchys Mission prior to its official release: 100% un-biased results:

* If you want a funny and very enjoyable and playable stickman game, then this is it. The interaction is great, it is very simple to play, so ideal for all ages. A definate 5/5.

* Love this game. Hundred levels is quite a lot of fun. The first few levels start really small and can be completed in little time. Higher levels get tricky though. The learning curve is very good. Levels get harder as you progress, so you need to work at it from level 1. A must have game. Rated:4/5.

* Havent seen a game like this yet, and must say it works brilliantly. Simple with just 1 button. Press button to run and change directions. Dive from cliffs in order to land on other cliffs and eventually complete the levels. High end levels got tricky and I lost many times, but I did get through in the end. A really great app. The animations are smooth and the best I have seen on stickmen. The music is very retro and the sounds were just funny.
A highly recommended game. There should be more unique apps like this. Rated:5/5.

* As soon as I started playing Scracthys Mission I was instantly hooked. The graphics and animation are really slick. I must say it is a very entertaining game and completely different to what I have seen before. Rated:5/5.


2011 Joe Pitto
Indie Developer
+350 54018603

One Person, with the motivation, experience and passion of a hundred men.
To bring and introduce a whole new gaming experience to players.
Bringing digital entertainment to both the younger and older generation.

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congrats! Looks nice :)


Top Arcade Apps - Best game for mobiles and computers


Cool game, but if I can give advice on the graphics... The graphics of your games look a bit too busy I think, because of the many different colors used.

I mean, the title screen looks colorful (uses blue, red, yellow and white) but I think it would look "cleaner" if it only used 2 or 3 colors that match up nicely. See this color picker website for example:


Thanks for feedback and link to the site.
Top Arcade Apps - Best game for mobiles and computers


I bought it last week, and it's a fun game!

Expanding on BdR's advice, you could try either blurring the background graphics, to simulate distance/ focus, or try using more pastel or darker colours in the background to keep the focus on the foreground.

But congrats on your game!  :good:
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hehe thanks Sly. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. I have released an update already with some extra stuff. Next update is going to be graphics enhancement. Thanks a lot.
Top Arcade Apps - Best game for mobiles and computers