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Ian Price

I just posted a new thread in Off Topic re: changes for Palm devs :)
I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

and you can type that resolution into the box.

Ian Price

So you can. I never even thought to try. D'oh!

Might be worth playing with doing something for the TouchPad. It'd be daft not to, after all...

In kind of unrelated news, I now have a 1.4.5 Pre Plus if anyone needs something tested. Just link me to the .IPK and I'll have a looksee for you :)
I came. I saw. I played.


In some HP document about SDK 3.0 and/or HP's Pads it says

"open your screen with resolution 0,0 to get max device resolution"

Does this applies too to GLB's WebOS thing?

I mean, if I set the setting in project to size 0x0, will GLB open the max screen resolution of the device? Or should we set the project at max desireed resolution (768x1024) for this, as currently we are doing in iOS?


I tried it in the Project Resolution settings, but I get : *** ERROR - Please set project settings for this platform

Kitty Hello

glbasic uses 0,0 internally. You can use getscreensize to see what it got.


Apparently the Tablet will be out in July! $499.99 (£305) for 16GB or $599.99 (£365) for 32GB


Received an email yesterday from HP Worldwide Developer Relations, webOS

Thank you for your interest in the Developer Device Program. You have been qualified to receive a discount toward the purchase
of an HP Veer for AT&T smartphone.  Your coupon code to receive this discount is listed below: Coupon Code:   XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

The code is valid until December 31, 2011, is non-transferable and good for one device only, while supplies last.
To redeem this coupon and purchase your Veer smartphone, please visit:

Again, thank you for your interest in the Developer Device Program and enjoy your Veer smartphone!

Best regards,
Worldwide Developer Relations, webOS

Developer Price
$279.00 after ecoupon
$449.99 regular

I'm thinking of holding off and get the HP Touchpad.
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I haven't heard from them yet :(  I should do next week though...