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Having just got access to an Android phone I took my first look at the google store and was amazed by the dross and duplicates on there. For example, one dev team has a Snes emulator on there, one is called panda snes, one is called zebra snes and so on. The same program is on there 10 times with a different animal. And in the app description there are so many in appropriate keywords to ensure their app appears no matter what you search for.

People have a dig at Apple for their practices and blocking certain apps but if google were to take the same stance there would be 70% of the apps removed and the store would be much easier to use in my opinion.

Mind you, I did love the dev set up for android, into phone settings, set dev mode on, copy apk to sd card and install, job done. No licence, signing and certificate rubbish just to run a test program


Yes, there are a lot of duplications - there are also a lot of different Android Store's too  :blink: