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Hi, this is new console for indie games and developer, seems they want to do a Store like App Store, but for indie developers, and well the console only cost 19€, if Glbasic can develop for this, I think can be another great oportunity for us. Well I don´t know if it can have too much succes, but it´s very cheaper.

The SDK it´s available in the same WEB

Kinds Regards,
Iván J


I think he's trying to replicate the Game And Watch type of products - which would be a product that everyone could afford.

Yes, making a profit could be a bit tight if the item is limited to, say, technology stores, but if he can get it in supermarkets (as I suggested on th nD forum), then potentially the chances of making a decent profit are good.


Comment in a Retro-Comuting Forum , this works whit SDL, and I think if this console works have a good nomber of sells, I think can be a another good market, in iPhone and Android Market is very diffult sell, if you don´t have a very good Marketing.

I like because is more familiar than an iPhone or another device mobile, it´s like in 80´s a "simple" machine but can be have a great games.


The main problem is that the final hardware specification hasn't been decided yet, which, if the supposed end-of-year release is to be met, would need to be done quickly.

The other concern is the needed for venture capital firms - this seems to suggest that nothing can really progress without outside help, especially as "we're still in the process of securing a corporate office". 

Thirdly, how often will it be updated ?  And will people want to keep buying the machines ?