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Gernot, can a USESCREEN -2 be implemented on GLBasic?

If you choose -2 instead of -1, the full background will be rotated 180º by your OpenGL system...

Just an idea.

Kitty Hello

I thought of a command: SETSCREENROTATION, that has parameters 0,1,2,3, where "down" is on your device.
It's not hard to do on the GL platforms. For Wiz/GP2X and WinCE, that is a huge problem, though.


Yes, it will be cool.

Then, let this devices ignore this command.

Anyway, this devices do not need the screen rotated...


Gernot, you could still add the command, but return FALSE for devices that don't support it.
That way we could still take advantage of it for Windows and iOS devices.
And we'd have to add special logic for the other devices to handle the rotation, just like we do it currently.
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what would be very very useful is an auto rotate that sets position 0,0 to the top left of the current orientation and all graphics and touch reads reference the new index position (unless of course this is what is being discussed here). You could then take any hand held device (i.e. android, iPhone etc) and everything would be simple to code for landscape or portrait


In fact, is it is rotated 180º, our program should not notice anything.


For iOS devices, please remember correct orientation screen about Appbar navigation (you know, shows at botton screen when you clic 2 times home button...)

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Its not 100% correct, MOUSESTATE need to been manually flipped too, elsewise its would still read like its was not rotated and hence its would read mouse positions completly wrong.

Howver this could of course been done automatic too if the new command is added.

personally I allready coded some sort like that.  simply draw Images and Rect to a function, rather directly, something like a PaintImage(). Using with a function, its possible to manually rotate them, before acutelly paint them. You can do the same with the controls.

Also auto rotation is also required to been supported for iPad, since Apple might just reject the app, if the game is a Landscape game.

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