Barcelona, this is the real Police, Spain is Diferent, yes Only have corrupts

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Well my friend, I think this is a very Off-topic, perhaps how quasy all Mass Media, try to confuse the population I send this video, you can see, the Police hurts to kids, old womans and mens, pregnant woman, and off course patalitics. Well this is A democracy?¿ uhmm, I think not, only then banks and corrupts want stay on the top, money, money, money and power.

Well please I think can´t import about Spain, but this happen on around the world, the politics live in his own bubble and only want tighten more and more, while they live whitout any privilege and making what they want.

Please pass it on to anyone you can

This is the truth

Ian Price

The "Truth" is always in the eye of the beholder and manipulated to suit their own agenda...

This does happen the world over and is totally unacceptable - in Britain recently an innocent man was beaten by police and knocked down to the ground for being in the wrong place at the wrong time - he died as a result.

Police brutality has nothing to do with banking, politics, money or democracy - just about people being given a certain amount of power and going way over the line while wielding it.

I'm not sure (or happy) that this should be posted here on the GLB forums, but I've left it for now, but other Mods and Admins may consider this too Off Topic.
I came. I saw. I played.


Thanks Ian, if you want let out forum, make it. But only is my own moral, I only want show you, whats happens.

Thanks again for your reply, and please excuseme for make a very , very off topic.

Iván J.


Well, I can just speak for the Media in Germany. It was in the news. The footages were even more brutal than in your video. And Yes I think it defenetly has to do with banking, politics, money or democracy. Everywhere, where the neoliberal governments do things, which are not approved by the majority of the people, and the people do demonstrate you see such police brutality. An these things the governments do, is always in some interest or a fault of banks or big corporations and especially the stock markets.
For example in spain: (I am not a finance expert, but that is how I understand it). Their credid rating gone bad because two private new yorker rating companys say so. Why did they do it? Because spain´s financial growth upto 2016 is rated with 0.7%. That is actally not a finance crises. The spanish country does it´s job. And their even still growing. But for the stock exchange people is bad. Everybody who wanted to make money with it, thought until now that it is 1%. They loose 0.3%. So let´s rate spain down and destroy their credit-worthiness and their chances for financial success. Not because, they did something wrong, just because some very important clients loose some money.

Ian Price

QuoteAnd Yes I think it defenetly has to do with banking, politics, money or democracy.
I disagree - the protests were about those things, but the police brutality was not. And that I believe was what mentalthink was discussing.

Yes people are VERY angry and upset with governments, banks and the global economy (to name just a few things), but for the police to kick the crap out of them is a different matter entirely.
I came. I saw. I played.


Thanks monono and Ian, excuseme for not write more lines about your answers, but my english in some cases not it enouch for undernstand well some phrases. I think you give a numerics values, in Spain any news comments.

I dont want create a debate about what happens or not, only want show you, what does the police, whit the people. I know the police in every country make something similar, but the diference here, is nobody touch a policeman, all the people was quiet while the police beat the people.
Searching in internet, you can show how the police car try to run over the people, sincerelly shameful.

Thanks again for your reply, but how I say I don´t want to make a debate here.

Ian when you consider, delete the post. Thanks.

Iván J.


Quite interesting as a couple weeks back there was this mariju... march here in sao paulo and the government told the police to stop the march. They suddenly changed the name to Freedom March. So, police was on the streets beating everyone up who would happen to support it, they used rubber bullets and gas bombs and a lot of people (kids.olds) there were near by were affected by the violence.

There was a lot of media into it as jornalists were beaten up too. All falt wen´t to the police, people here seems to forget that the police only obey orders from someone. There was a lot of discussions about corruption and system and so on, but most will only post on a blog and won´t lift a finger for anything.

At the end, they re-did the march for freedom yesterday, causing a lot of traffic and pissing a lot of people. But no violence this time.

I can´t really bother for this all, I can´t see reason in open revolt. I´d say if I was too troubled I would try to work things out for better from the inside out position, never with open revolt. There are corruptions, system fails, violent resolutions everywhere, but first I´m not getting paid to fix it ALL, second I don´t have power or means to fix it.

I do good and try things for better within the reach I can have, but would never bother going out on the streets waving signs and shouting things out. A great amount of people revolting on the streets is really bad for the government and can usually lead to things worse. Violent force response ordered by the government (which at the end you can name the person and not vote for it anymore) is something quite common on these situations...I usually stay 100% away from anything violent, except king of fighters hehe, my opinion anyway. 


PLEASE READ YOURSELF minimum demand...

Use a good translator... the text are writted in catalonian...

This moviment are first of all PACIFIST... the best weapon are the word!!!

Greetings from Cornella, small town near at Barcelona.  ;)

PS No comment about Mossos d'Esquadra (police) actuation... videos are very explicid... search on Youtube, Vimeo, etc...

Is right or wrong, there is no excuse to leave a peaceful sit with truncheon blows. - Desarrollo videojuegos Indie · Pixel-Art · Retroinformática · Electrónica Development Indie Videogames · Pixel-Art · Retrocomputing · Electronic

Kitty Hello

Both extremes are pretty bad. In Germany we have the opposite situation. Police men are the "nice" ones, and noone really respects them. If they have to go to protect 2 groups from each other, they are thrown at with bottles and stones and if they defend, they are pulled to court and sued to death. And that for so a low payment.

In USA, I heard, they have much higher respect, but they also beat people up because they look suspicious. Also, corruption is a bad thing in many countries, because police men are paid so badly, everywhere.

The world get some quite dramatical changes these days.

Ian Price

QuoteThe world get some quite dramatical changes these days.
And not in a good way :(
I came. I saw. I played.


Democracy is a noble ideal but oligarchy is ever the baseline reality. Events like this are a little reminder.

Maybe things could have been different, maybe not, but its too late now in any case. We have three mega-crises in global energy, ecology and economy all converging at once! Things are going to get worse, indefinitely.

Better to find inner-peace, find a sustainable shelter far away from highly populated areas and watch in morbid fascination as it all goes down.   :noggin:

Hello, btw, I'm a crazy hippy, just in case I didn't mention before.  :S


HI, thanks for all about your replies, for me it´s a great pleasure read your words. Perhaps we can do nothing, but I think we are in the same wave about our criteria and moral and this is enough.

THANKS A LOT, my coleagues!!!.

Kinds Regards,
Iván J.