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Hi, folks.

This is my first post on this forum, and as silly it sounds ... I'm somehow uncomfortable writing posts in new forums.

I am uing GLBasic for the first game I am involved in (well, since the C64/Amiga days), and think it's genious for rapid development.

You can follow our development-blog here:

I have also been looking at other frameworks that supports a broader range of platforms, and have found the AirPlay SDK quite interresting since it support native Android, Symbian and several other platforms. But it's much more low-level than GLBasic, an does not give you all the beautiful functionality GLbasic do.

I also observed that EdgeLib supports compiling c++ code to native Android and Symbian (but it has a suicide license-pricing for independent developers).

Why not add other frameworks (as AirPlay SDK ) as a selectable platform to compile to, an add a compilation-template for the selected framework to further compile the glbasic output with the external framework.

Then we could easilly compile native apps to both Android and Symbian, and all major platforms would be covered.

Ketil Jensen
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Because it would cost a lot of money for no real reward.


Hi and welcome to the forums!

Your game looks to be very nice, going by the screen shots... lots of potential for a hit there!  :good:

The trouble with Gernot officially adding support for extra API/SDKs  is the sheer variety of the platforms already supported by GLBasic, even a widely adopted SDK like AirPlay does not have WIZ support for example.




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Thanks for the answers.
I see your points.

But ... just an last reflection:

It's just that I would love support for Symbian, Android (native code) and Blackberry. I'd say that would be quite an reward.
Since Airplay is vanilla c++ it would be rather easy making a set of libraries calling airplay's SDK functions (which will deal with all platform spesific functionality).
In this way one could support several platforms with just one codebase.

"Sugar makes the world go 'round. Caffeine makes it spin faster."


Android development isn't possible (C development is possible, but only in Linux); Symbian maybe (the OS is C, if I remember correctly) and no with Blackberry (Java only).

Unfortunately Airplay isn't totally free (although you could take the free iPhone routine - in which case, all you need to do is add it to the project before coming on the Mac) - shouldn't be anything stopping you doing that.  And besides, it would be a duplication of effort - Airplay does a lot of what GLBasic does (but not as easily, by the looks of things).