A way to use 'enums'?

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Dark Schneider

Note: the forum search doesn't work.

I'd like to know if there is a way to use enum to define values, in example, the typical case:

enum MyTypes {None, Type1, Type2...};

ttype as MyTypes

Or something like that. I'd tested with INLINE for the enum but then it is not recognized.


No, it would be nice though

You could either use enum with INLINE and do a wrapper to return the value back or setup a list of CONSTANTS


I resorted to using CONSTANTS myself.
Not that big of a deal, since we don't have any form of 'intellisense' functionality, which would make enums way more convenient.
But enums can work like a type for functions, which would be handy.

In c++, do enums get converted to the constant value during pre-processing? 
Or are they left intact internally for function parameters?
I was just wondering how easy it would be to add them to GLBasic.  On the surface it seems simple, but I have no idea.

What DID happened to the searching?
I've resorted to using Google searches like:
enums site:www.glbasic.com
to restrict searches to this site, it works OK guess.

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