Incredibuild skips files when it shouldn't be

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Ok I seem to have found a place in my project where making one change is being ignored over and over by Incredibuild, even after I re-start the IDE. (Granted re-starting it forces it to re-build properly once, but then if I go and un-do the change, incredibuild ignores it again)

Also, I am just working with code on my local drive.. not a shared/network drive. I'm almost always running in debug mode.

How should I send this to you Gernot?


I've had this problem for a long time.
It's gotten to the point where I almost always do a Full Complile (26 files!).
You could always create libraries for files that don't change (often), but I've been too lazy to look into this.

But, if this helps, for me, certain files are ALWAYS skipped, and others are ALWAYS picked up fine by Incredibuild.
This may or may not change if I add or reorganize files, but never noticed a pattern of why it likes certain files and not others.

Could it be files in sub-folders are ignored?  (double checked my project and my sub-folder files seem to be the most affected).

I could send you my project too Gernot if you want (my game isn't fully functional right now, but compiles!).
My current project (WIP) :: TwistedMaze <<  [Updated: 2015-11-25]


Yeah actually I keep working across many files but now that you mention it it probably does always affect this one file.. I do have some files in a sub-directory but not this particular file..


Quote from: MrTAToad on 2011-Oct-27Did you check the resulting C files in %temp%/glbasic ?
No need to, it just happened again. Changed a key check, and while it stated the file to be skipped the new key check is the one that worked, so it didn't really skip it.


Well, this problem has been getting pretty annoying ever since my project crossed whatever file threshold it is that triggers this bug.. so I took a few minutes to create a sample project which consistently shows the behaviour. It's attached to this post. Basically it's 20 source files that have a sub that prints the file # to the screen. Notice after you build the project once, Incredibuild will always skip file "3.gbas" after, even if you make changes. I didn't bother testing each file but at least this is 1 case which should be enough to start with.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Ha, it'd be funny if the problem is because Incredibuild only sees the first 10 or so files! And all files after that are not checked!

I'm glad you narrowed down a project to replicate this bug!  :good:
My current project (WIP) :: TwistedMaze <<  [Updated: 2015-11-25]


hehe yeah dunno what it is but it was definitely driving me nuts before I realized what it was.. lol.

Now I'm getting used to hitting "ALT->C->D" really quick before I hit "F5" :)


That's a very funny project. I change the text of sub3 but the printout does not change. If I change sub4 to sub7 the text changes. If I change the name of sub3 to sub3b, I get a compiler error. If I change it back to sub3, it compiles again but the text is still the old from the first compile. Very interesting, I hope Gernot can finally track this down with this great project!

Kitty Hello

OK. You might not find this funny, but I was almost PMP.
The compiled cpp files are numberd in hex -> 0123456789abcdef and then 10, 11 ...

The md5-hash tried to load the files in decimal numbering:
0123456789 then 10, 11..

So, all files above #11 are broken.

I've fixed it. But I did so many changes, that it might be hard to do an update. I will try though.
If the update goes wrong, please make a backup of your current compiler-directory. The Editor.exe should be fine.


Yay :) I'm glad I could help.. and I knew it had something to do with the number of files..! I only really noticed it recently ever since splitting my code  into a whole bunch of files.

This is good news, I've wasted a bit too much time staring at my bugfixes wondering why they've had no effect, lol!


Quote from: Slydog on 2011-Oct-28
Ha, it'd be funny if the problem is because Incredibuild only sees the first 10 or so files! And all files after that are not checked!

I'm glad you narrowed down a project to replicate this bug!  :good:
hahah looks like we owe Slydog a beer, he called it ;)  :booze: